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Covid 63, No Tricks Zone on vaccine and medical tyranny

This is a continuation of  Covid 57, No Tricks Zone on vaccine mandates (October 10, 2021). Thanks again to Pierre Gosselin of NTZ for these updates in Germany and other European countries. Enjoy.

(1) Counterintuitive: More Vaccinations Leads To More Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths
By Kenneth Richard on 11. October 2021

The narrative that says the vaccinated are shielded from COVID infection, hospitalization, and death is undermined by observational evidence that says the opposite.

(2) Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!
By P Gosselin on 16. October 2021

Russian state German language RT news site here looks at just how effective the COVID vaccines have been in Germany over the last 4 weeks, citing data from official institutes, and finds the German government is misleading the public. 

(3) 90% Vaccinated Senior Facility Sees “Massive” COVID Outbreak! And: COVID Alarmist Grabs Pfizer Cash
By P Gosselin on 20. October 2021

“Massive Corona outbreak” at German senior care facility where 90% were vaccinated. 
At a German care facility for the elderly in Bad Doberan, near the Baltic port city of Rostock, 66 of its 83 residents  tested positive for Corona while seven died in the hospital, reports the Nordkurier here.

(4) CDC Reports 28x More Fully Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed Were Hospitalized With COVID June-Sept
By Kenneth Richard on 1. November 2021

A new CDC study (inadvertently?) finds 28 times more fully vaccinated patients (5,213) were hospitalized with COVID from June to September than the unvaccinated with prior infection (189) in nine U.S. states.

(5) German Site Compiles List Of 75 Young Athletes Unexpectedly Suffering Cardiac Arrest Since June
By P Gosselin on 5. November 2021

Invasion of the Body Vaxxers? Young athletes mysteriously collapsing from cardiac arrest, many even dying.

(6) COVID Vaccines Falling Like Dominoes…Unsafe, Ineffective. Naïve To Think It All Could Be Rushed
By P Gosselin on 10. November 2021

Cardiovascular side effects: Now Taiwan halts Biontech after European countries pause Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zeneca…governments extremely naïve to think years-long process could be winged in a matter of weeks.

(7) Doomsday Vaccine? German Physician: “Corona ‘Vaccines’: A Programmed Self-Destruction Of The Body”
By P Gosselin on 17. November 2021

Dr. Christian Fiala, a general practitioner, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, with training in tropical medicine...

When the Corona virus enters the body, the immune system recognizes the invader on the basis of the spike protein antigen and destroys the virus or the cells that have already been infected by the virus.
With the mRNA corona “vaccination”, body cells are for the first time in history deliberately and genetically programmed by means of the mRNA to produce the spike protein as a (foreign) antigen on the cell surface, although they are completely healthy and not infected with the virus.

(8) Climate Issue Hardly Matters Anymore…. Austria, Germany, Europe Race Towards Medical Tyranny
By P Gosselin on 19. November 2021

Life in Germany and Austria has become extremely depressed and suppressed. People walk around with faces covered by masks and keeping distance from one another. Distrust is everywhere, everyone is being viewed as a potential lethal pathogen. The paranoia here is surreal.

Right now people 12 years and older are only permitted to go outside for essential activities such as work, attending classes, grocery shopping. Military-like police have a presence as if the country is under military occupation. Any unvaccinated person breaking the rules can be fined up to €1,450. Beatings by on the streets by the police take place routinely. No one seems to care about police brutality anymore.

(9) German Physician Warns Already Vaxxed: “Don’t Get Another Shot Under Any Circumstances!“
By P Gosselin on 21. November 2021

German physician and public health expert Wolfgang Wodarg... “The spikes are dangerous – very dangerous. They damage everything wherever they show up: in the brain, in the spleen, in the intestines – and I can’t understand that we are allowing these spikes to be produced inside ourselves. That is the biggest risk.”

(10) Tis The Season To Be Hateful: Hanover Excludes Unvaccinated From Advent And Christmas Celebrations
By P Gosselin on 24. November 2021

Madness, hate and ignorance pervade over Christmas this year. Unvaccinated persons are forbidden to order food or drink at the traditional outdoor Christmas market in Hanover. “Whoever wishes to consume food or drinks must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated (geimpft) or being recovered (genesen). Passing on food or drink to persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered is not allowed.”

(11) The Lancet: German/US Treatment Of The Unvaccinated Risks Summoning Nazi/Racist Past
By Kenneth Richard on 25. November 2021

At a time (October, 2021) when 90% of the new COVID cases in UK residents 60 or older are fully vaccinated, a German physician publishing in The Lancet asserts it is “grossly negligent” to suggest the vaccinated are not a relevant source of viral infection and transmission as he pleads for privileged Western societies to refrain from treating their unvaccinated minorities as subhuman.

(12) Germans Jabbing In The Dark With The Delusional Hopes Something Works. Making It Up As They Go
By P Gosselin on 3. December 2021

(13) Austria: New Law Against Vaccine Opponents Foresees 1 Year Imprisonment For Vaccine Critics!
By P Gosselin on 5. December 2021

The fine for not complying to the vaccine mandate has been reduced to €2000 instead of €7200... in future, vaccination critics in Austria will be threatened with one year’s imprisonment....
The amendment has already passed the parliamentary committee. The vaccination critics will have their own detention rooms, and the costs for meals will be charged to ‘the obligated’.”

Meanwhile, Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute data shows that vaccine related deaths in the country have exploded some 100-fold in 2021:

In most years, less than a dozen vaccine deaths occurred. But in 2009, 40 deaths linked to the swine flu vaccine occurred. As a result, the vaccine was immediately suspended that year. In 2021, a whopping 1450 deaths were reported as of August. But the vaccine continues to be vigorously encouraged and in some countries mandates are planned with boosters possibly every year if not semiannually!

(14) German Statistics Office: Death Number Surges 25.3% …Cannot Be Explained By COVID
By P Gosselin on 11. December 2021

The Federal Statistical Office reports:
In September and October (+10% each), death figures markedly surpassed the median of the preceding years again. The COVID-19 deaths reported can only partly explain this development. The mortality figures so far available for November exceed the comparative value to an even greater extent. Death figures in the first two weeks of November (1 to 7 and 8 to 14 November) were 16% and 17% and in the third and fourth week (15 to 21 and 22 to 28 November) 23% and 25% above that value. Since mid-October, the number of COVID-19 deaths reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has increased again markedly, too.”

(15) Millions Of Unvaccinated Germans Relegated To Bare Essentials As Leadership Descends Into Lunacy
By P Gosselin on 15. December 2021

Dystopia: underway in Germany is an aggressive government and media-led campaign that aims to hound and marginalize unvaccinated persons until they submit to vaccination against their will.
Dogs and unvaccinated stay outside
Department stores close off sections to the unvaccinated
No more than 2 visitors
Mandatory vaccinations, fines, jail coming...

(16) It’s Official: COVID Vaccines’ Infection/Disease Protection Lasts 3-6 Months, Then It ‘Vanishes’
By Kenneth Richard on 16. December 2021

A summary of some of the latest research affirms COVID vaccine effectiveness at preventing and reducing disease/viral load is very temporary and prone to disappearing. This suggests shot after shot in perpetuity is required to maintain one’s “vaccinated” status.

(Viral loads of Delta-variant SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections after vaccination and booster with BNT162b2
Matan Levine-Tiefenbrun, Idan Yelin, Hillel Alapi, Rachel Katz, Esma Herzel, Jacob Kuint, Gabriel Chodick, Sivan Gazit, Tal Patalon & Roy Kishony 
Published: 02 November 2021

(17) German Judges, State Attorneys, Elaborate 10 Reasons Against Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccinations
By P Gosselin on 22. December 2021

10 reasons against compulsory vaccination
1. Offers only self protection
2. No correlation between infections and vaccination rates
3. Not comparable to measles, small pox
4. Vaccinated have high viral load
5. Many hospitalized are fully vaccinated
6. No overloading of the healthcare system...

(18) World Leading Microbiologist Warns mRNA Vaccines May Have Opened Gates Of Immunological Hell
By P Gosselin on 24. December 2021

(Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, retired Prof. and former head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Mainz, Germany)

In his latest video, he describes what pathologists have been finding in vaccinated patients who have died shortly after being injected with mRNA vaccines. The spike protein producing MRNA nanoparticles are attacking organs in a significant number of patients. Bhakdi even goes to say that what governments and health authorities are doing is tantamount to lining kids up against the wall.

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