Thursday, March 27, 2008

9 outstanding free market institutes

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation ( will give 9 winning institutes (from 180 applicants) up to $100,000 grant each for the next 3 years, courtesy of the Dorian & Antony Fisher Venture Grants.

The winners are:

Alternate Solutions Institute (Lahore, Pakistan)
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions (Kentucky, USA)
Canadian Constitution Foundation (Calgary, Canada)
Cathay Institute for Public Affairs (Beijing, China)
FundaciĆ³n Ecuador Libre (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
FundaciĆ³n F. A. von Hayek (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
IMANI: Center for Policy and Education (Accra, Ghana)
Istituto Bruno Leoni (Turin, Italy)
New Economic School-Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

I know and have personally met the Presidents or Executive Directors of 5 of those winning think tanks: Khalil Ahmad of ASI Pakistan, Chris Derry of BIPPS USA, Feng Xingyuan of CIPA China, Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Ghana, and Paata Sheshelidze of NES Georgia.

Congrats to all of you guys! You're doing well, and you deserve that prize!

I also congratulate Atlas' panel of judges because I sincerely believe that all the winners deserve the award.

I kidded Jo Kwong, Atlas VP for Institute Relations, that our group Minimal Government, did not pursue hard this award because we were waiting for a $1M prize that Atlas may give away soon! :-)

The free market movement around the world is still small. The number of statist institutes and think tanks in our respective countries should easily outnumber us by 10 to 1, or more. The free market-oriented think tanks should support each other; otherwisem, the statists, the lovers of more government, more taxes, more regulations, will trample us further in the public policy debates.

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