Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Why I support Trump

Updating again today.

22. He cut both corporate and individual income tax, reversed the Obama-Biden indiv income tax hike in 2012, implemented in 2013. (This is related to reason #14 below). Chart from Trading Economics.


October 29, 2020

Updating this paper I posted two months ago. I include these six points by retired UP Prof. (Political Science) Clarita Carlos that she posted in FB yesterday which I agree.

16. There was no other POTUS, except Trump, who espoused our claim to the contested South China Sea and the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal *;

17.  Before then, all US administrations took a “hands off” policy re SCS and our Sabah Claim;

18.  Only Trump dared to break the isolation of North Korea, met with Kim Jong Un and even symbolically and dramatically, crossed over to the North Korean side in Panmunjom;

19.  Trump’s “cashier diplomacy” may have unnerved his NATO allies,  but he simply asked his European allies, for an equal sharing of the defense of Europe;

20.  Trump’s leadership in the QUAD, with Australia, Japan and India, will herald a new Indo Pacific security architecture here in our region;

21.  Finally, despite Trump’s idiosyncratic ways, he is  the ONLY American leader,  who is not only willing to meet with Iran’s Rouhani,  but who will withdraw all American troops,  from the Middle East.

* Not for love for the Philippines, but because it is a critical component of its strategic goal to DENY the Indo Pacific region to China!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


1. He opposed UN climate drama and multi billion climate racket, $100 B/year starting 2020 the rich country taxpayers and energy consumers must fork out more money to be given to international bureaucracies/multilaterals, poor countries and their mostly corrupt governments – on top of regular foreign aid/ODAs.

2. He challenged all the other G7 leaders to a mutually zero tariff, zero subsidy trade, at the G7 meeting in June 2018. They were all silent, meaning no. So Trump said if they can’t have mutually zero or low tariffs, they better have mutually high tariffs, and they all complained, media complained of “Trump protectionism.”

(This photo from https://www.politico.eu/article/trumps-surprise-g7-pitch-we-should-at-least-consider-no-tariffs-steel-aluminum-trade/)

3. He pushed and penalized China on their high tariffs for US exports and IPR stealing, from patents, copyrights to trademarks and corporate brands. 

4. He supported Israel more, moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

5. He supported Taiwan further, allowed the sale of modern jetfighters to Taiwan military as China keeps its pressure to annex Taiwan, likely by force and military invasion.

6. He supported South East Asian countries (esp. PH, VN, ID, MY) on the SCS and China stealing of territories. He used the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruling in July 2016 that the SCS are international waters, not China waters. Regularly sends US battle ships and aircraft carriers in the area.

7. He pushed for US energy dominance, challenged explicitly OPEC-Russia oil-gas cartel, leading to sustained low oil-gas prices globally.

8. He pushed for more MidEast peace, recently brokered UAE-Israel peace agreement. Even Saudi implicitly supported this big deal in the Mideast.

9. He wanted a full S-N. Korea peace deal, perhaps the only US president to meet face to face N. Korea  leader. Too bad he has a noisy hawk Bolton in the team, the initiative failed. But the Trump Kim Jung Un (KJU) meeting in Singapore 2019 was a big int’l event.

10. He challenged all NATO member countries to pay in full their dues and contribution to sustain the military coalition. Many members, from Germany to France, UK etc contribute little to the coalition, below 2% of GDP, for many decades.

11. He wanted to pull out US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, etc. Deep state and even among Republican legislators find a way to stop this. Hope he will succeed in pulling out some 10,000 US troops in Germany, the latter not paying its dues to NATO among the reasons.

12. He penalized Iran further, the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region. Even Saudi would embrace Israel than Iran. For instance, the Yemen rebels bombing Saudi are Iran-backed.

13. He put up longer and stronger border wall with Mexico, controlled illegal migration. Also being tough on illegals with criminal records and acts, want quick deportation.

14. He cut US corporate income tax (CIT) from 35% to 21%. Before Ronald Reagan, the US was socialistic with about 70% CIT. Reagan cut it to 35%. No other US President cut it until Trump came.

15. He is non-appeasing to the BLM and Antifa rioters and arsonists, looters and thieves. The police killing of Floyd and other black individuals in unreasonable manners are wrong, the guilty officers should face penalties. But parked cars, shops and malls, have nothing to do with this, they should not have been broken, smashed, looted, burned.

Many others. These are what I can think at the moment. 

So why do many people hate Trump?

Because NYT, WaPo and CNN say he’s bad. Because MSNBC, TIME, BBC, etc, say he’s bad.
Because Pelosi, Obama and Biden say he’s bad. Because Sanders, Harris, Warren, etc. say he’s bad.
Because people hate his hair, his tweets, his language, his face, his family, his businesses. 

The focus of their hatred are mostly personal. If people focus on issues -- tax cut or tax hike, support Israel or not, support Taiwan or not, support SE Asia in SCS or not, produce more oil-gas or not, expand the border wall with Mexico or not, penalize BLM and Antifa rioters and looters or not,... -- they would realize that the man has balls to take even politically-incorrect positions.

So many issues, domestic and international, that Trump took explicit "politically incorrect" positions. Many Dems and supporters are either ignorant of the issues or have ambivalent position. How could they be ambivalent on CN militarism and stealing of territories in  SCS, Japan sea, etc? Ambivalent about large scale IPR stealing and high tariffs, non-tariff barriers?

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