Monday, November 30, 2020

Interview at DZRH about wind-solar as baseload plants

 Last Nov. 20, I was on brief, live radio interview, DZRH hosted by Cong. Angelo Palmones. Topic was  "Solar, wind as baseload power?" I said No, far out, only 2.3% of total PH power generation as of 2019.

Cong. Palmones also saw my article the day before,

A friend asked me about Swedish young anti-fossil fuel activist Greta Thunberg. I said that I doubt if Greta and her parents use bicycles, manual scooters, or their feet going to work, meetings, school, do groceries, domestic travel, etc. Like the UN and Al Gore, they double talk. Preach something and do the opposite.

Meanwhile, I saw these in one of DOH Reports. Multi-billion pesos public funding (foreign aid plus national government) to further promote RE especially wind-solar.


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