Saturday, March 17, 2018

Duterte's planned disrespect of private property in Boracay

The Duterte government shows once more its penchant to disrespect private property with pronouncements like "Bomb/blow up illegal structures" or "Totally close all Boracay resorts." See these news headlines yesterday and the other day.

“The government would not hesitate to send the Marines and” blow up” illegal structures in the shores of Boracay if resort owners would continue to defy orders to clean up the famous island, a Palace official said.”

Whether Duterte-Roque are serious or palusot "joke only" in making that statement of using the marines, they are idiotic. 

Illegal structures, resorts with no sufficient business permits, improper disposal of solid and liquid wastes -- these are local government and police concerns, not military concerns. West PH Sea/SCS militarization by the China Communist Party is a military and foreign affairs concern.

The military/AFP's main mandate is external defense, not internal police function. Roque-Duterte cannot distinguish between internal vs external concerns for the military.

Now see this from PhilStar:

'Total closure
If she would have her way, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo would rather go for the full closure of Boracay to speed up the cleaning operations there.
“I think it will depend on Secretary Cimatu (partial or full closure) but, for me, I think it should be total because work will be done faster. If it is partial, it will take time and we only have six months to do (the cleanup),” she told reporters.'

Closure of Boracay businesses, whether partial or total, is against respect of private property. People and business enterprises there have a contract with the state via DOT, SEC, DENR, DTI, BIR, DOLE, DOH, LGUs, etc. Businesses will abide by the corporate, environmental, health and sanitation, labor protection, other regulations by the government and private enterprises have the freedom to do business, to provide various goods and services to the people, local and foreign.

Now there are unconfirmed stories that mainland Chinese businesses and casino operators are rushing to go to Boracay. Worth watching if this is true or fake news.

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