Thursday, July 29, 2021

Covid 47, Dra. Marivic Villa on IVM and Dr Salvana

Dr. Marivic Villa, a Filipina physician based in Florida is a pulmonary and critical care doctor in the largest senior citizen community in Florida, if not the US. Last week, around July 24, she posted a comment at  Dr. Edsel Salvana's fb wall when the latter attacked again Ivermectin as early treatment vs Covid. Dr Salvana is known for intolerance to people and ideas who don't agree with his narratives, also his sponsored products like Remdesivir and vaccines. Either he deletes contrary substantial comments, or he outrightly blocks the commenter. Last week, he blocked Doc Marivic. 

This is Dr. Salvana's fb post as shared by a friend,

I cannot access that post because he also blocked me last October, weird because we don't personally know each other, never exchanged or debated before even once, and I did not criticize or attack him, I just posted an article that questioned Remdesivir, in his fb post where he was pushing the drug. See my story here,

Below is Doc Marivic's post that earned the ire of Dr Salvana:

This study is a piece of ”C...” My experience here in the US is very much contrary.  I've treated so many patients in a very high-risk community, all retirees 65 y/o and above, with comorbidities. No hospitalization, No deaths since September 2020. These people who did the study, I suspect, have been paid and maneuvered to make the study go a certain way.

Dr. Edsel, you are NOT helping the Filipino people at all.

If you think the vaccine is going to save you... It's delusional!!!

Here in the US, we are already talking about the booster, the 3rd shot to cover mutations!!! And the Philippines is what??? Only 4.4% were fully vaccinated, and 9.6% one dose. Are you kidding or what? And You are encouraging these Filipinos not to use IVM, which at this point, is the only viable option for them.

This is crazy!!! Insanity!!!

You don't have any resources to keep up with vaccines. These big pharmas are ”sucking you dry...BONE DRY!!!. Can you afford booster every 6 months? You know very well how MUTABLE this virus is. That's why up to now, there's no effective vaccine developed for coronaviruses. There's even a possibility that these vaccines are driving the mutation faster.

And these vaccines are debilitating and killing people, too; I treat complications every day. From long hauler type presentation, pulmonary and neurologic conditions, TIA Blood clots, low platelet count, cardiac issues, and recently I encountered blood hemolysis.

And the tragedy is you people are BLIND!!! (intentionally)

The Philippine economy is in a ROT

And you are a massive factor in this.

Perpetuating the ”DO NOTHING GUIDELINES,” continue to use drugs like Remdesivir (that's not only practically useless but very toxic!) Addiction to LOCKDOWNS doesn't do anything but make Filipinos poorer and sicker (all depressed and fearful).

With these vaccines, You are also encouraging some unscrupulous politicians and healthcare authorities to be more corrupt and, in the end, hideous!!! I hope 🙏 you are not one of them because you will be remembered!!! for that.

For the Filipinos reading this comment, I urge you to read the meta-analysis done by #DrPaulMarik, #DrPierreKory, #DrJosephVaron of #FLCCCAlliance, #DrTesLawrie #BIRD published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, and #DrAndrewHill et Al (Oxford Academic Journal and consultants to WHO).
#DrMcCullough #APPS

Compare the qualifications of these people to the ones who did this study- no comparisons at all.

You people have to listen to the doctors worldwide who have the most and the best experiences using IVERMECTIN. They are the real doctors, the real people who truly care and genuinely want to save humanity from this ugly disease.

Lastly, just to let you know, even from a distance, I have helped and saved the lives of so many Filipinos because of IVERMECTIN.

Doc Marivic is somehow a regular guest in some virtual fora here in the Philippines, people love her frankness and medical experiences dealing with Covid patients.

She was a guest for instance in Doc Vince Vicente's show last July 17,

The other guest there was Doc Octaviano.

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