Saturday, January 14, 2023

Covid 78, The dishonest narratives, WEF volatility report

 These are the Covid narratives that I find dishonest and corrupt.

1. Natural infection per se even among the young and healthy is bad, hence endless masks, distancing, etc.

2. Natural immunity from natural infection cannot be trusted. Only vax and booster immunity should be trusted.

3. Post-vax diseases and deaths are due to something else. Emergency use vax are pure safe and effective.

4. Cheap, off patent, proven for 4+ decades like Ivermectin cannot be trusted. Only expensive treatment should be trusted.

5. Only the virus evolve into many variants. Humans and their innate immunity don't evolve to deal with these new variants.

Wala nang trangkaso (regular flu), Covid na lahat. Trangkaso is not scary but Covid is scary, hence the endless reference to Covid.

It's now 2023 and the Covid establishment still calls it COVID-19, they should call it Covid-23 because these are different variants of the virus already from the 2019-2020 variants. But Covid-19 has the most alarmist, most lockdown-justified, most mandatory vax-justified disease, so they -- WHO, UN, other multilaterals, WEF, DOH, pharma, medical, big media etc -- will keep using it. Perhaps until 2030, or 2050.

In Feb 2021, WEF tweeted that lockdown was good, improving cities around the world, heal the planet. When there was public backlash, WEF removed their tweet.

Those lockdowns contributed to huge supply chain problems, high govt borrowings and endless subsidies, that contributed to high inflation. Now WEF is scared of high inflation and geopolitical wars.

"Catastrophic Outcomes": Davos Elite Worried About Global Volatility, Cost-Of-Living Crisis

World Economic Forum Says ‘Lockdowns Are Quietly Improving Cities Around The World’
MICHAEL GINSBERG   February 26, 2021

The WEF Global risks report 2023, endless crisis narratives. Inflation crisis, climate crisis, health crisis, security crisis,...

Endless crisis narratives imply endless government intervention, taxation, regulations, restrictions, in partnership with crony or wifey big businesses.

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