Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sir John Templeton, 95

I just read today in the news,

and in the Atlas website,

that Sir John Templeton -- was among the world's richest men, put up charities that give away about $70M a year -- has died.
He's 95 years old, renounced his American citizenship and lived in Bahamas. The news reports say his deep interest were on the nexus of science and religion, discoveries and faith.

I hear his name every year when Atlas economic research foundation gives away competitive prizes to some free market think tanks around the world that work on certain categories.

Sir John has lived a full and very productive life.
Perhaps his death is the culmination of his continuing journey in faith and discovery.
A noble life, and noble after-life journey.
My deep respect for the man, and condolence to his family and close friends.

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