Monday, February 16, 2009

Rationalization, in Business Mirror

My letter was picked up by a reporter-friend from Business Mirror.
The news item appeared in today's issue of the newspaper.

Think tank: Government job cuts will help more people

Written by Cai U. Ordinario / Reporter
Sunday, 15 February 2009 22:07

DESPITE the current economic crisis, a local think tank has urged the government to implement its rationalization plan, or Executive Order 366, which directs a strategic review of the operations and organizations of the Executive branch.

In a letter to National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) Director General Ralph Recto, Minimal Government Thinkers Inc. president Bienvenido Oplas Jr. said that in light of the crisis, implementing EO 366, approved in October 2004, can give the government savings. Such savings, in turn, can give the state fiscal space for tax cuts to allow Filipinos to stimulate the economy through consumption.

Oplas said that when the economy is in bad shape, the people's tendency is to reduce spending to save more. However, this also reduces the sales of businesses selling various goods and services, causing more job cuts and higher unemployment....


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You are right about what you've said about people saving more but tendency is higher job cuts. Well, no body can really blame some companies. The point is that the government should also immediately take action about this.
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Thanks for sharing this.

Redspect said...

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