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Scientists Speak: No "Consensus" on AGW

Below is a letter signed by 6 notable American scientists, published in a student paper at the Brigham Young University (BYU), USA. This letter was initiated by my friend, American-Malaysian astrophysict, Willie Soon.

Note, all of these 6 scientists have PhDs, they just did not put the title in their names in this letter. One of them is a geologist and former astronaut who was the last living "Moon walker", Jack Schmitt.

These 6 intelligent souls are saying only one thing: there was no scientific "consensus" to the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory in the past, no "consensus" until now, and there will never be one. Because the theory behind AGW is flatly wrong.

below is their letter.

Viewpoint: Still a hot debate
Mon, 07/27/2009 - 20:54

Jeremy Kuhre recently suggested BYU students are unreasonably skeptical about global warming, in the face of “virtually unanimous” acceptance among climatologists of the belief our planet is “heating up.” He equates the students with people who maintain the lunar landing was a hoax.

We the undersigned have studied weather, climate and climate change for years — and we can state with certainty that there is no unanimous view among scientists on the matter of man-made catastrophic global warming.

One of us, Harrison Schmitt, actually stood on the moon, drilled holes, collected moon rocks and has since returned to Earth. He knows the landing was real.

Probably all climate and other scientists do agree our Earth warmed intermittently and slowly between 1850 and 1998 and has cooled slightly since then. But that is not the issue. The question is whether humans’ use of oil, coals and natural gas can cause a future global warming disaster — and on that there is tremendous disagreement, just as there is about the forces that are responsible for recent, current and past climate changes. This is the reason why over 31,000 scientists have signed the Global Warming Petition.

The opposition to the hypothesis of catastrophic climate change from rising atmospheric CO2 is legitimate, and it is the right and duty of all citizens, including American farmers, to ask questions and demand evidence and answers. The news media have contributed to the incorrect and biased view that recent warming was caused by human CO2 emissions and that future warming will be disastrous for humans, wildlife and our planet.

The media and political activists have also promoted policies that attack American liberties and harm and kill people, by diverting money, attention and energy resources from far more urgent and worthy purposes, such as reducing poverty, malaria and malnutrition and improving the living standards for everyone.

The issue of global warming is not a war of “expertise.” It is, or should be, an objective study of scientific measurements and data — which can now confirm atmospheric CO2 plays at most a minor role in causing weather and climate change.

BYU is an institution of higher learning that should promote the seeking of truth. Similarly, science is an objective assessment of hypotheses, testing concepts against actual data and observations; it is not a matter of votes, popularity or “virtual unanimity.” We are all harmed, if we allow our universities or our science to be politicized.

Harrison Schmitt
Geologist and Astronaut

Craig Idso

David R. Legates

Art Robinson

Noah Robinson

Willie Soon

Meanwhile, I wrote this two days ago:

Climate Alarmists BBC vs UK Met Office

It's interesting how a big climate alarmist media like BBC is now criticizing the UK's Meteorological office for whipping "barbeque summer" or "scorching summer" predictions in April of each year the past 3 Aprils, only for the British public to endure cold and wet summers, especially June-July. See BBC news report below.

Meanwhile, per Joe d Aleo's (or perhaps other scientists') monitoring of sunspot activity, since January this year, 76 percent of all days have zero sunspot, blank as in white paper. The implication for this in the Sun-climate link theory, is that more cooling is way ahead.

From what I have read, the Sun's magnetic field (as observed in the number of sunspots) creates solar wind. Strong solar magnetic field, strong solar wind. Which drives away cosmic galactic rays from the outer space that are suppose to help catalyze the formation of low-lying clouds, which blocks sunlight, which results in global cooling. With weak solar magnetic field, few or zero sunspots, more cosmic rays reach the Earth's atmosphere, they help form low-lying clouds, which mainly explains for the current global cooling.

David Archibald, a physicist, noted the other day that even NASA now admits that the Earth may be approaching the Dalton Minimum of global cooling, occured 2 centuries ago. I wonder what James Hansen, the top and most vocal climate alarmist in NASA, would say about the recent pronouncement of NASA?

http://news. 2/hi/science/ nature/8173533. stm

Met Office cools summer forecast
By Roger Harrabin
BBC environment analyst

You will need a brolly on holiday in the UK in August - the Met Office is issuing a revised forecast for more unsettled weather well into the month.

It is a far cry from the "barbecue summer" it predicted back in April.

The news will raise questions about the Met Office's ability to make reliable seasonal forecasts.

But the organisation has defended its record, saying people have already forgotten the hot weather experienced across many parts of Britain in June.

It also highlights the absence of the sort of major floods that blighted 2007 and 2008; and the largely fine weather for the Wimbledon tennis championship, the cricket Tests and the Open golf.

The Met Office also says temperatures have been around or above normal, and that the end of August might be better again.

It did indeed stress at the time of the summer forecast in April that the odds of a scorching summer were 65%. It explains that it coined the phrase "barbecue summer" to help journalists' headlines.

But this has come back to bite the organisation because many people do not feel like they have been enjoying a "good" summer, especially compared with previous searing years....

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