Friday, August 07, 2009

Goodbye Cory, Welcome Gloria jokes

Filipinos I think, are among the most inventive and most creative people in the world in cracking jokes. Even in man-made and natural disasters, some jokes will emerge later. After the burial of Tita Cory, a number of jokes surfaced. Here are some.

1. There was this picture from Manila Bulletin, August 6, 2009, with this caption:

"WITH UTMOST CARE. Military honor guard carefully moves the coffin of President Arroyo out of the Manila Cathedral. (Photo by Tony Pionilla)"

Obviously there was typographical error as the caption was referring to the current President. That picture was scanned and circulated in facebook. Some of the comments:

“If it will happen, no one will join her to the cemetery  Hmmm, maybe Lito Lapid and friends.”

“There will be guys who will join her funeral: Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey and Weng-weng. They can all whistle while they carry the coffin.”

Hahaha, that’s Pinoy humor.

Today, I received 2 text jokes:

1. “Ang hirap pumunta sa burol at libing ni TITA CORY. Ang haba ng pila, siksikan, nakakatamad pumunta. Hintayin ko na lang burol ni GLORIA. Tiyak walang pila at di siksikan. Please pass hanggang umabot kay Pandak, baka makonsensya.”

2. Mahirap kalabanin ang Pandak. 1st casualty si FPJ, 2nd Raul Roco, 3rd Tita Cory, 4th____? Ikaw, gusto mo syang kalabanin? Hehehe”

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