Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tearing down the wall

There's this new site that I recommend,

Very modest target in a very short time for a very important mission.
Berlin wall fell down 2 decades ago. But there are lots of walls still standing, and even plentier ones are being erected somewhere.

What's your wall?
tear it down!

My wall is like this:

The biggest wall for us here in the Philippines and I guess in most other countries, is the abdication of the majority of people to assert their individual freedom by asserting their individual, parental, corporate and community responsibility. It is easy for the State and its politicians to retain past interventions, regulations and taxation, and to introduce new ones or expand existing ones. They do not need physical threats like the use of guns, the police, army and the prison bars. They only need a group of intellectuals and academics, media people, articulate NGO leaders and other activist groups, to extoll the beauty of forced collectivism, highlight the merits of social equity and demonize inequality and diversity.

So, again, please visit the site and make modest contributions.

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