Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gloria the leech

Today's Inquirer report says "Arroyo satisfaction rating now 'very bad'",

http://newsinfo. inquirer. net/inquirerhead lines/nation/ view/20100413- 263901/Arroyo- satisfaction- rating-now- very-bad

MANILA, Philippines—Public dissatisfaction with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s performance fell to a record low from “bad” to “very bad” in practically all areas and socioeconomic classes, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted from March 19 to 22 showed.

Sixteen percent of Filipinos were satisfied, while 69 percent were dissatisfied with Ms Arroyo’s performance, resulting in a net satisfaction rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) of negative 53, SWS said in a statement Monday.

Ms Arroyo’s net satisfaction rating fell by 15 points from negative 38 (23 percent satisfied and 61 percent dissatisfied) in December 2009, surpassing her previous record low rating of negative 50 posted in July 2008.

MalacaƱang blamed the “toxic” election campaign for the unprecedented negative ratings of Ms Arroyo.

“We are not surprised with the continued drop of her ratings because what we have now is toxic campaigning and the toxic campaigners always target President Arroyo,” said deputy presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar.

Mr. Olivar is confused, if not part of the lying machine of Malacanang. He was "not surprised" that the president has the worst dissatisfaction rating in all her 9 years in power at the last 3 months of her term? While the "toxicity" of the campaign period is partly to blame, it's her being Gloria the President that simply makes her very toxic -- over-greed in political power, period. A family of political leeches, not to mention the endless corruption and robbery scandals that have been hounding her term since she assumed power in 2001.

Nine (9) years in power are not enough, so the president is running as a congresswoman, then house speaker, then what?

The presidential son running for party-list as a "marginalized" what?
Another in-law running for party-list as a marginalized millionaire?

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I admire your website. But in business, if you have a product, maybe even a great product, if no one knows about it the business will not succeed. So, a business needs a great marketing team/department to push and maintain a successful business. My question is, what can a think tank do to promote and implement its ideas within or outside the government with a person or groups inline with its ideas?