Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Macroecon 17, Germany's near half-century inflation rate

Germany inflation rate May 2022 is 7.9%, the highest since Dec. 1973, and almost same level in early 1952. 

Source: Trading Economics

Only -0.3% until Dec. 2020, started rising in Jan. 2021 with 1.0%, jumped to 4.9% by Jan. 2022 pre-invasion of Ukraine. Hence, no excuse blaming the Ukraine war as ain cause of inflationary pressure. By Feb 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, inflation rose to 5.1%, then March to May 7.3%, 7.4%, 7.9%.

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High energy prices, Germany's and EU's beloved wind-solar did not produce enough power and they have to buy more oil-gas to avoid blackout and prices were rising then. Europe and the world experienced less-windy, less-sunny, more cloudy 2021.

Merkel was a physicist. When she became a big time politician, her political science has prevailed over her physics natural science. And Germany climate-energy policy pivoted away from real natural science and moved towards media-NGOs-multilaterals political science.

Germany is now led by SPD (the political socialists) + Greens (the ecological socialists) + FDP (confused liberals?)

I really wished last year that FDP + CDU + AfD would have been a better coalition than SPD + Greens + FDP.

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