Thursday, February 02, 2023

Inequality 42, Exclusivity is good

A good arttcle by a friend and fellow BusinessWorld columnist, Jemy Gatdula,
"Stop encouraging mediocrity by calling it inclusivity" (January 26, 2023)

He wrote there,

"the equalization of opportunity is a societal objective worth striving for. The equalization of outcome, however, is a fool’s errand...

“Think about it: what actually is wrong with inequality? That some have more than others? But that will always be the way of the world: some are more talented, smarter, more hard working, and — most importantly — luckier.” (See Trade Tripper by Jemy Gatdula, “Inequality is not the problem. Poverty is,” June 2017)."

Agree 100% with Jemy there.

And this DIE -- diversity, inclusivity, equality -- fine. But people should not force it on other institutions and organizations. Once it becomes mandatory mandatory (lockdown, vax, masks,...), excellence will die and mediocrity will prevail.

Exclusivity is good, inequality is beautiful. 

Good example are tollroads. Tricycles, bicycles, small motorcycles, kuliglig, kariton, etc. are excluded, prohibited. Motorists are behaved, they travel faster and safer. 

In public roads where cars and kariton and motorcycles mix up, travel is slower and less safe.

Land consolidation and corporate farming is beautiful. Good example is Del Monte pineapple plantation. Thousands of hectares, profit-oriented with good pay and compensation to workers and shareholders, everyone happy. If agrarian reform and forced land disaggregation and redistribution is forced there, it will become marginal farming, agribusiness excellence will die and agri mediocrity will prevail.

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