Thursday, February 09, 2023

Deindustrialization 10, Net zero, ESG and carbon tax

A number of reports using the term "deindustrialization" in Europe late last year. 

Europe’s descent into deindustrialisation
Philip Pilkington  30 September 2022,

Europe’s non-ferrous metals producers call for emergency EU action to prevent permanent deindustrialisation from spiralling electricity and gas prices (9 pages)
September 2022 

Europe risks deindustrialization as soaring energy prices prompt corporate shutdown, exodus
Source: XinhuaEditor: huaxia 2022-10-06 

Europe facing gas insecurity, 'uncontrolled deindustrialization' through 2025
Tom DiChristopher  13 Oct 2022

The Deadly ‘De-Growth’ Craze
Stagnant societies eventually slide into oppression, chaos, anarchy and ruin.
Andy Kessler Oct. 30, 2022 

Europe May See Forced De-Industrialization As Result Of Energy Crisis
By Irina Slav - Nov 03, 2022 

Energy crisis chips away at Europe's industrial might
Clara Denina and Sarah Mcfarlane. November 3, 2022 

EU to backtrack to de-industrialization due to energy crisis
By Al Mayadeen English 4 Nov 2022 

Essential Geopolitics: Will Europe's Energy Crisis Accelerate Deindustrialization?
Dec 6, 2022 

Analysis: The hardest part is yet to come for gas-hoarding Europe
By Susanna Twidale, Marwa Rashad and Emily Chow  20 December 2022

Worst of Europe’s Energy Crisis May Be Yet To Come
By Irina Slav - Jan 03, 2023 

Around 40% of German companies expect output decline in 2023, IW institute says
9 January 2023 

Reduced support on energy costs ‘will kill off small firms’
9 January 2023 

UK becoming less attractive for investment, manufacturers warn
By Andy Bruce 10 January 2023 


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