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Deindustrialization 7, Other Europe, Sept-Oct News

More ecological and energy central planning to "save the planet", more degrowth and deindustrialization. Enjoy these reports.

1. The Dirty Job of Rationing Electricity and Gas: Elements by Javier Blas
In capping prices, European governments must embark on the messy task of curbing demand.
6 September 2022

2. Metal Producers Group Warns EU Leaders "Worsening Energy Crisis" Is "Existential Threat To Our Future"

3. Europe’s non-ferrous metals producers call for emergency EU action to prevent permanent
deindustrialisation from spiralling electricity and gas prices
 (9 pages)
September 2022

4. Western Europe now facing “TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE” – experts and analysts urgently sound the alarm
Mike Adams September 08, 2022

5. Poland says no to EU energy cost measures
In an interview with Polsat TV, Poland’s climate minister said that Poland will oppose the emergency measures for reducing the use of energy proposed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
POLSAT NEWS September 09, 2022

6. ECB Scrutinizes Banks' Readiness For Possible Tsunami Of Energy Company Defaults

7. Power Shortages Loom Over Europe
By Editorial Dept - Sep 09, 2022

8. Electricity bills an ‘atomic bomb’ for Hungarian restaurants
Restaurants are facing energy bills 10 times as high as last year as the energy crisis roils the entire EU
MANDINER September 09, 2022

9. EU Ministers Call For 10% Cut In Energy Consumption
Julianne Geiger - Sep 09, 2022
* EU energy ministers are calling for a 10% reduction in electricity consumption.
* According to the WSJ, the electricity rationing plan appears to have support from many member states. 

10. Soaring energy costs could threaten future of electric cars, experts warn
Industry bosses in Germany say high costs are having an impact on vehicle production and sales
Kate Connolly in Berlin 12 Sep 2022

11. Ramping Up Renewables Can’t Provide Enough Heat Energy in Winter
Gail Tverberg September 20, 2022

12. Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed
By P Gosselin on 27. September 2022

13. Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed
P Gosselin on 27. September 2022

14. Europe’s descent into deindustrialisation
The attack on the Nord Stream pipeline will encourage protectionism
Philip Pilkington 30 September 2022

15. ‘Green Energy Is Just Not There Yet,’ Says Award-Winning Reporter Eric Reguly
Karl Moore Sep 28, 2022

16. How Europe Invited Its Energy Crisis
ANDREW STUTTAFORD September 29, 2022

17. Shocked by gas bills, thrifty Dutch stockpile coal, wood for winter
Stephanie van den Berg September 30, 2022

18. Lights out: Europe's energy crisis begins to bite for clubs
Reuters Sep 30, 2022

19. Cold weather warning adds to Europe’s gloom as it battles energy crisis 
October 2, 2022

20. Energy crisis: Europeans 'must lower thermostats to prepare for Russia turning off gas supplies'
Ben Turner  with AP  •  Updated: 03/10/2022

21. China Is Rerouting U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe at a Big Profit
Sluggish economy lets Chinese energy companies benefit from high global prices
As the West scrambles to move away from Russian energy sources and imposes sanctions on Moscow, China and India have stepped in to fill the gap. WSJ examines how those countries have boosted Russia’s revenue from oil sales, supporting its economy.
By Sha Hua. Updated Oct. 3, 2022 

22. High power prices ‘impacting EU clean energy supply chains’
Investments in solar PV and battery cell production could be mothballed unless electricity costs fall, says Rystad
4 October 2022

23. Gas crisis set to worsen after Europe burns through winter stocks
Essi Lehto and Kate Abnett  October 6, 2022 

24. The Saudi-Russian Oil Axis Snubs Biden With Production Cuts
Javier Blas October 6, 2022

25. Rolls-Royce boss Warren East: net zero is a pain
Adam Vaughan, October 07 2022

26. Maxeon closes French solar module manufacturing plant
Jules Scully. October 7, 2022

27. Companies collapse at fastest rate since financial crisis as energy bills soar 
7 October 2022

28. Desperate Europeans Return to the World’s Oldest Fuel for Warmth
‘It’s back to the old days’ as demand for firewood soars due to gas shortage
Lars Paulsson and Josefine Fokuhl  October 8, 2022

29. The West is on the road to energy ruin
Emmet Penney 11 October 2022

30. European wind industry ‘struggling’ with rising costs
October 11, 2022

31. Weather chief: Ukraine war may be ‘blessing’ for climate
JAMEY KEATEN October 12, 2022

32. Energy crisis: Europe's winter woes driven by high prices
Jo Harper October 12, 2022

33. Why Greens Love Putin
Emmet Penney October 14, 2022

34. “Replacing Natural Gas With Hydrogen Is A Fairy Tale”…”Six Times More Electricity”
P Gosselin on 15. October 2022

35. Europe’s self-inflicted depression
European industry has been sacrificed to green ideology
RALPH SCHOELLHAMMER. 17th October 2022

36. Blackouts may be imposed on cold weekday evenings, National Grid chief warns
The warning from the head of the National Grid follows the electricity and gas systems operator outlining unlikely scenarios when blackouts may take place this winter.
By Sarah Taaffe-Maguire, 18 October 2022 

37. The Quiet Desperation Of Woke Fanatics
Michael Shellenberger Oct 18, 2022

38. Reducing energy options doesn’t work. Just ask Europe—and the U.S. states where gas prices are rising
SCOTT TINKER. October 18, 2022

39. Will the energy crisis crush European industry?
While companies are digging in for a long winter, executives and politicians fear a wave of deindustrialisation
Peggy Hollinger in London, Sarah White in Paris, Madeleine Speed in Frankfurt and Marton Dunai in Budapest OCTOBER 19 2022

40. European countries are shelling out huge sums to deal with the energy crunch. Economists fear it could spark a new financial crisis.
Jennifer Sor Oct 20, 2022

41. Energy Crisis Poses Existential Threat To Europe’s Industry
Tsvetana Paraskova - Oct 20, 2022

42. Europe's energy crisis heaps pain on heavy industry
Bartosz Dabrowski, Olivier Sorgho and Jagoda Darlak October 25, 2022

43. The world is transitioning to fossil fuels
Global coal demand will reach a historic high in 2022
German energy giant RWE says it will phase out the burning of coal by 2030, saving 280 million metric tons of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. The decision announced Tuesday will accelerate the closure of some of Europe’s most polluting power plants and a vast lignite strip mine in the west of the country.
By Vijay Jayaraj - - Tuesday, October 25, 2022

44. Russia Ships Record Volumes of Gas and Steelmaking Coal to China
Total energy sales top $50 billion since invasion of Ukraine
Imports of refined copper from Russia doubled in September
Ailing Tan October 25, 2022


October 26, 2022

46. Energy crisis risks upending Europe's key medicine supply chains - industry says
Natalie Grover. October 27, 2022

47. Discontent Rises in Europe as Economic War With Russia Pushes Up Cost of Living
Governments fear protests against high energy prices could weaken public support for Ukraine
Bojan Pancevski and Noemie Bisserbe. Oct. 27, 2022

48. Polish Leader Calls German Energy Policy “A Curse, Fiasco”…2/3 Of Restaurants Face Bankruptcy!
P Gosselin on 28. October 2022

49. ‘Not using energy is the cheapest energy’, EU climate chief insists
Nikolaus J. Kurmayer | EURACTIV.com
Oct 20, 2022 (updated:  Oct 28, 2022)

50. US gas supplies won't be enough to fill the gaping hole Russia left in Europe
Jennifer Sor Oct 28, 2022

51. UK Trapped In The Green Energy Cul-de-Sac
Francis Menton October 30, 2022

52. Greta Thunberg throws in her lot with the anti-capitalist Left
NICHOLAS HARRIS 31 October 2022

53. Greta Thunberg says Cop27 a ‘scam’ that provides platform for ‘greenwashing, lying and cheating’
Swedish activist says climate summits are failing humanity by not leading to major change
Saphora Smith October 31, 2022

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