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Deindustrialization 5, Germany, August-Sept. 2022 reports

Deindustrialization and degrowth economics continuin in Germany. Read on.

August reports

1. Germany Has Three Months to Save Itself From a Winter Gas Crisis
Now cities are cutting back on lighting and hot water in a bid to avert disaster.
Dezem, William Wilkes, and Arne Delfs  August 1, 2022

2. Germany’s Growing Energy Supply Uncertainty: Electric Heater Sales Up 1000%…In The Summertime!
By P Gosselin on 14. August 2022

3. German Households Will Foot The Bill For New Gas Tax
By Charles Kennedy - Aug 15, 2022

4. Germany U-turns on nuclear in scramble to avert winter crisis
Recession now ‘unavoidable’ as country races to replace Russian gas
Rachel Millard and Tim Wallace.  16 August 2022

5. German Electricity Prices Spiraling Out Of Control…Tripling Since 2000… Blackouts, Unrest Loom
By P Gosselin 19. August 2022

6. Energy Prices Trigger Deindustrialization In Germany
Irina Slav - Aug 19, 2022,

7. Germany Risks a Factory Exodus as Energy Prices Bite Hard
Aug 19, 2022

Power and gas prices in Germany more than doubled in just two months, with year-ahead electricity -- a benchmark for the continent -- soaring to 570 euros ($573) per megawatt hour. Two years ago, it was 40 euros.

“Energy inflation is way more dramatic here than elsewhere,” said Ralf Stoffels, chief executive officer of BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH, a maker of silicone parts for the auto, aerospace and appliance industries. “I fear a gradual de-industrialization of the German economy.”

8. “Electricity Crisis”: German Wholesale Prices “Virtually Exploding”…2,347% Rise Over Single Year!
By P Gosselin 21. August 2022

9. Germany to Prioritize Coal Trains Over Passenger Services
ByVanessa Dezem. August 22, 2022

10. ‘Political Suicide’: Germany Will Shutter Nuclear Plants Despite Looming Winter Shortages
JACK MCEVOY August 22, 2022

11. German Power Prices Smash Record as Energy Panic Engulfs Europe
ByVanessa Dezem and Anna Shiryaevskaya  August 22, 2022

12. German gas levy may be adjusted soon after implementation
August 23, 2022

13. Germany and France have driven eurozone into recession, economists warn
August 23, 2022

14. German government approves energy-saving measures to rein in gas usage
August 24, 2022

15. ‘Don’t sacrifice Germany for Ukraine’ – German trade association asks Chancellor Scholz to end sanctions against Russia to save economy
Signatories of the open letter say Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world
DENES ALBERT August 22, 2022

16. German Experts Warn Of Grid Instability…”Conventional Power Plants Needed For A Long Time To Come”
By P Gosselin on 27. August 2022

17. Tough choices for Germany as coal power stations return to keep people warm this winter
Germany is turning back to the world's dirtiest fuel to overcome its dependence on Russian gas, but the environment isn't its only concern.
Siobhan Robbins 30 August 2022

18. German factories shut down as energy costs spiral out of control
James Warrington 31 August 2022

19. German factories shut down as energy costs spiral out of control
James Warrington. 31 August 2022

September reports

1. High energy prices: ArcelorMittal shuts down two plants in Germany
9/02/2022 | ArcelorMittal Germany

2. "Exorbitant Rise In Energy Prices" Forces Europe's Top Steelmaker To Close Plants

3. German blackout fears force JP Morgan to plan London move
American bank will shift work to the City if power outages affect EU's biggest economy
Simon Foy and Rachel Millard. 5 September 2022

4. Energy supply in Germany: bad luck for consumers
September 5, 2022

5. 21 Million German Households, Industry Suffer Body Blow As Green Energy Scheme Disintegrates
By P Gosselin on 6. September 2022

6. Germany’s energy suicide: an autopsy
Pepe Escobar September 08, 2022

There is a so-called EU Electricity Market Reform in progress. According to it, producers of electricity – from solar or wind – automatically receive “the same price for their ‘renewable’ electricity they sell to the power companies for the grid as the highest cost, i.e. natural gas.” No wonder the cost of electricity in Germany for 2022 increased by 860% – and rising.

7. ‘Without energy, no economy can run’ – German companies warn of disaster as electricity and gas tap are ‘turned off’
“Every day we receive emergency calls from companies that are about to stop production,” said the president of the Central Association of German Crafts
JOHN CODY September 08, 2022

8. Wave Of German Insolvencies Picks Up Speed…”Tenfold Increase In Gas, Electricity Prices”
By P Gosselin on 11. September 2022

9. How Millions Of ‘Cheap’ Electric Heaters Could Crush Germany’s Power Grid
By ZeroHedge - Sep 13, 2022

10. High energy prices: Stadtwerke are getting into financial difficulties
September 16, 2022

11. Power Grid Expert: “99.9% Chance” Germany Will See Blackout… “Civil War” Unless People Prepare
By P Gosselin on 17. September 2022

12. Germany Seizes Rosneft Refineries, But Doesn’t Solve Its Oil Problem
By Alex Kimani - Sep 19, 2022

13. German industry suffers worst energy shock since 1949
Tim Wallace. 20 September 2022

14. Germany’s “Tenfold Increase In Gas And Electricity Prices” Is Driving Out Industry
By P Gosselin on 23. September 2022

15. German Industry Collapse: Companies Leaving In Droves…”Can No Longer Bear Cost Explosion”!
By P Gosselin on 25. September 2022

16. German Manufacturers Struggle As Energy Crisis Persists
The country is already facing toilet paper shortages as manufacturers struggle to keep their doors open, and things are likely to get worse before they get better.
By Ag Metal Miner - Sep 28, 2022

17. Germany to Cap Energy Prices as Industry Is Pushed to the Brink
Rising costs are bringing the country’s energy-hungry manufacturers and small businesses close to breaking point
Tom Fairless. Sept. 29, 2022

18. Germany Unveils €200 Billion Package To Cap Soaring Energy Costs
By Alex Kimani - Sep 29, 2022

19. Germany agrees 200 bln euro package to shield against surging energy prices
Holger Hansen and Kirsti Knolle  September 30, 2022

20. Colder, Wetter Than Normal September Pushes German Gas Consumption +14.5%, Winter Gas Outage Looms!
By P Gosselin on 30. September 2022

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