Sunday, September 11, 2022

Deindustrialization 4, Other Europe

See more stories of other European countries deindustrializing, from ample supply and cheap energy to blackout preparations and expensive energy. More governments and UN climate and energy alarmism and interventions for decades led to this.

1. Europe is heading into a depression
Into the darkness, again.
Tuomas Malinen Aug 20 2022

2. Azoty Drops as Polish Fertilizer Output Halts on Gas Prices
* Shares of country’s leading chemical maker drop as much as 10%
* Government says fertilizer stocks sufficient for sowing season
Konrad Krasuski August 23, 2022

3. EU Energy Crisis Forces Major Fertilizer Producer To Halt Production
Irina Slav - Aug 23, 2022

4. Why the Energy Transition Will Fail
New report highlights the staggering cost of green ‘delusions.’
James Freeman Aug. 26, 2022

Even if you’re never hit by a 7-ton blade falling from the night sky, alternative energy will fail you. Regardless of facts or feelings about the climate, there are reasons why wind and solar power are not replacing fossil fuels. Wind and solar are also no substitute for nuclear power.

5. Europe's widening fertilizer crisis threatens food supplies
Bloomberg - 26 Aug 2022

6. The Crucial Cause Behind Energy Crisis is ‘Green Fanaticism,’ Says Czech President
Prague Morning  AUGUST 26, 2022

7. Two more fertilizer plants in Europe shut down due to high gas prices – no energy means no food
Ethan Huff, August 26, 2022

8. How West’s “Green Agenda” Incentivized and Empowered Putin’s Attack on Ukraine
Jaroslaw Martyniuk. Aug. 28, 2022

9. Czechs have most expensive electricity in Europe despite exporting huge amounts of power abroad
Czechs are paying massive energy bills even as the country remains one of the largest energy exporters in the world
LUKÁŠ KOVANDA August 29, 2022

10. One of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, Yara (in Norway), slashes production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices
Ethan Huff August 29, 2022

11. ‘I never thought I’d see this again’ – People in Poland sleeping in cars while waiting in line to buy coal for winter
A long line formed outside the Bogdanka Coal Mine to buy bargain price coal, with some people waiting up to a week to make their purchase
WPROST.PL August 29, 2022

12. Europe’s Alarming New Trend: Rapid De-Industrialization
Michael Bastasch / September 01, 2022

13. We are all living in Greta's world now
This winter's energy crisis will give us a foretaste of what a world without cheap energy looks like
ROSS CLARK  2 September 2022

14. Darker and Colder: Europeans Warned of ‘Unprecedented’ Power Failures This Winter
“Production of electricity cannot keep up with demand.”
Paul Joseph Watson  2 September, 2022

15. "Worst Has Yet To Come": Civil Unrest Set To Surge Worldwide As Socioeconomic Pressure Builds, Report Warns

16. Tens of thousands protest in Prague against Czech government, EU and NATO
September 3, 2022

17. "Europe On The Brink:" 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis

18. Europe Looks Set for Energy Rationing After Russian Gas Cut
* Germany has built up storage, but it may not be enough
* Europe’s ability to get through winter depends on the weather
* European Gas Prices to Stay High Without Policy Intervention: Energy Aspects
Vanessa Dezem, Rachel Morison, and Ewa Krukowska. September 4, 2022

19. Why Europe’s Dependence On U.S. LNG Is Risky
Alex Kimani - Sep 05, 2022

20. DARK TIMES: Industry and infrastructure collapsing by the day across Europe and the USA
Mike Adams September 05, 2022

21. Energy crisis: 30 public pools in France suddenly close after energy bills jump from €15 million to €100 million
The company’s energy bill is a sign of what may come for business and public services across Europe
JOHN CODY September 06, 2022

22. “Lehman Event” Looms For Europe As Energy Companies Face $1.5T In Margin Calls
Josh Owens - Sep 06, 2022

23. Europe's Nightmare Scenario Comes True: Energy Bills To Rise By €2 Trillion, Will Reach 20% Of Disposable Income

24. Europe Is Buying All The Russian Oil It Can Before Banning It
By Irina Slav - Sep 07, 2022

25. Swiss citizens who overheat their homes this winter could face hefty fines and 3 years in jail
Radical new legislative proposals in the country could see citizens reporting their neighbors for overheating their homes
THOMAS BROOKE September 07, 2022

26. This Winter, Europe Plunges Into “The New Dark Ages”
by Michael September 7, 2022

27. FORCE MAJEURE: Massive global shutdowns are now under way for METALS SMELTING operations covering iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL
Mike Adams September 07, 2022

28. Putin warns the West will 'keep freezing' if energy price caps are imposed – and Russia will stop all gas and oil supplies
* Putin said Western attempts to cap prices for Russian oil and gas were 'stupid'
* The Russian leader, 69, warned EU leaders that Russia would walk away from supply contract if EU imposed price caps on the country's exports of gas and oil
* If gas and energy supplies stopped, there would be devastating consequences
RACHAEL BUNYAN  7 September 2022

29. Putin Responds to Truss / EU Energy Price Cap: “Keep Freezing”
Eric Worrall September 7, 2022

30. Energy Transition a ‘Dangerous Delusion’: Report
By Nathan Worcester September 8, 2022

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