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Deindustrialization 3, United Kingdom, August 2022 reports

This is the trend in UK electricity prices, January 2021 to yesterday, from about GBP50/MWH to GBP465. Chart from Trading Economics.

The pace of UK deindustrialization and degrowth economics seems to be pacing fast. See these reports last month alone.

1. Britain at breaking point: One in eight say they have nothing left to cut back on to help pay for energy when prices jump further
Jessica Warren 01 Aug 202

2. British household energy bills to be at ‘devastating’ levels until ‘at least 2024’
2 August 2022

3. Energy bills forecast to hit £3,615 amid worsening cost-of-living crisis
Jody Harrison 2nd August 2022

4. Half of Britons cutting back on food as they struggle to afford energy bills
August Graham 22 July 2022

5. Almost half of UK adults fear falling into fuel poverty before the year ends
3 AUG 2022

6. Energy bills could double to £4,200 a year under new cap
Emily Gosden August 05 2022,

7. "Revolution Has Begun": 75,000 Brits To Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm
Tyler Durden, AUG 08, 2022


8. A third of Brits face poverty with energy bills set to hit $5,000
Anna Cooban August 9, 2022

Energy bills to top £5,000 next year in new shock to households
Louis Ashworth  11 August 2022 

9. Tories can no longer avoid telling hard truths about the route out of this mess
DAVID FROST 11 August 2022

10. Britain’s Net Zero Lesson for the U.S.
Soaring energy prices may send a third of the U.K. into poverty.
By The Editorial Board  Aug. 12, 2022

11. Schools consider three-day week amid rising energy bills and teacher pay
Louisa Clarence-Smith  13 August 2022

12. Pubs and restaurants warn of winter closures as energy bills soar 300pc
Hannah Boland  15 August 2022

13. Why Britain is on the brink of blackouts
JAMES WOUDHUYSEN  16th August 2022

14. Exclusive: Industry faces £50bn ‘ticking time bomb’ of record energy bills

15. One-in-four Britons predicted to be unable to afford energy bills in October
Dimitris Mavrokefalidis  18 August 2022

16. Britain’s Dumbest Energy Policy
By The Editorial Board  Aug. 18, 2022

17. Britain may go hungry thanks to faulty eco dogma
JAMIE BLACKETT  18 August 2022

18. Britain faces 'humanitarian crisis' as energy costs soar, says health lobby
August 19, 2022

19. Record-breaking gloom grips Britain ahead of 'nightmare' winter
Louis Ashworth and Tim Wallace  19 August 2022 

20. Energy Inflation Threatens Thousands Of UK Businesses
Irina Slav - Aug 19, 2022

21. UK inflation projected to hit 18.6% as gas prices surge
Chris Giles, David Sheppard and Jim Pickard in London, August 23, 2022

22. Latest forecast warns energy bills could hit £6,500 from April as gas prices spike again
Tuesday 23 August 2022

23. UK industry faces energy SHUTDOWN – leaked memo exposes horror scenario for next PM

24. Energy bills: Half of UK households face fuel poverty, EDF warns
Simon Jack, August 23, 2022

25. Half Of UK Households Will Be In Fuel Poverty By January
Irina Slav - Aug 24, 2022

26. UK Government Warned of “Civil Unrest” Over People Being Unable to Pay Energy Bills
Yet Boris Johnson insists support for Ukraine should be prolonged.
Paul Joseph Watson 25 August, 2022

27. Energy bills to wipe out almost three quarters of state pension
The energy price cap is expected to soar to £6,600 next April
Jessica Beard  27 August 2022

28. The British Energy Horror Story
By Paul Homewood AUGUST 28, 2022

29. Green Energy Fail: British Union Boss Predicts Riots, 1990s Style Uprising
Allen Santos August 28, 2022

30. Jobs armageddon as business prepares to shut up shop while energy bills soar
Business leaders fear hundreds of thousands are at risk
Sabah Meddings, Jamie Nimmo, Sam Chambers and Harry Yorke August 28 2022

Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of lobby group UKHospitality, said 10,000 businesses could shut permanently in the next 18 months, which would result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Of these workers, between 300,000 and 350,000 are employed in hospitality, with a further 200,000 in the supply chain dependent on 

31. How climate policy fuelled our energy crisis
From the Climate Change Act to Net Zero, green policies have throttled our energy supplies.
ANDY MAYER  29th August 2022

32. The Fantasy World of Renewable Energy

33. UK inflation could top 22% as energy prices soar, Goldman Sachs warns
Karen Gilchrist AUG 30 2022

34. Energy prices forcing pubs and brewers to the brink of closure
Tuesday 30 August 2022

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