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Deindustrialization 6, UK, Sept. 2022 reports

More reports, past UK government ecological central planning and energy rationing leads to current energy and economic predicament. Enjoy.

1. Earnings to collapse to 2003 levels as inflation batters living standards
Households facing worst hit for a century, warns Resolution Foundation
Tom Rees and Howard Mustoe  1 September 2022

2. Government’s green energy policy is a “national disaster”
1st September 2022

3. Cost of living: Workers could be asked to layer up as bills soar
1 September 2022

Tony Constance runs Stockfield Metal Spinners in Birmingham and said his latest energy quote was £734K a year, up from his usual annual rate of £135K.

4. World’s Second-Largest Steelmaker Closes European Plant
Tsvetana Paraskova - Sep 02, 2022

5. Turn Off the Lights if the Wind Stops Blowing – Welcome to Net Zero Britain!

6. Know why your fuel bills are soaring? 20 years of 'renewables' lies, says JOHN CONSTABLE
THE UK's energy crisis has been in the making for more than 20 years and is the result of the incompetent policies of Mr Blair, Mr Brown, Mr Cameron, Mrs May, and Mr Johnson, and all their hapless energy minsters and advisors too numerous to name.

7. Six in 10 British Factories at Risk of Going Under as Bills Soar
Julian Harris September 3, 2022

8. Energy crisis: Can Britain weather the winter without blackouts?
Ben Spencer and Laith Al-Khalaf  September 03 2022

9. Energy crisis may force manufacturers to cut production or even close – study
Make UK said its research showed firms were warning that their energy costs have already “spiralled out of control”.
Alan Jones Sept 3, 2022

10. Police fear hard winter of surging crime and civil unrest
Chiefs draw up emergency plans to maintain law and order as economic squeeze tightens
Harry Yorke, Dipesh Gadher and Tim Shipman September 04 2022, 12.01am

11. UK pubs must hike pint prices to £20 each or face closure this winter, expert warns
Running costs for pubs are set to increase by 500-600%, putting a huge number at risk of closure, says Tom Stainer, chief executive of real ale campaign group CAMRA
Harry ThompsonTrends WriterSara Odeen-Isbister. 4 Sep 2022

12. Energy crisis impacts Christmas celebrations as councils cancel light switch-ons
SKYROCKETING ENERGY BILLS have already impacted Christmas celebrations up and down the country as councils cancel light switch-on events.

13. Six in 10 UK manufacturers at risk of closure, lobby group warns as energy prices soar
The MakeUK lobby group proposed a 100-day plan for the incoming prime minister
THOMAS BROOKE  September 05, 2022

14. British energy firms brace for ANOTHER big spike in wholesale gas prices of up to 50 PER CENT today after Russians refuse to reopen the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Europe

* Gas prices could surge by as much as 50 per cent today after key pipeline closes
* The Nord Stream 1 pipeline is the biggest gas link from Russia to Europe
* The UK receives only 4 per cent of its gas from Nord Stream 1
* But other countries such as Germany are much more reliant on the pipeline
DAILY MAIL REPORTER 5 September 2022

15. GB News viewer calls on next PM to scrap 'mad dash' to net zero and frack for Britain's 'energy independence'
Linda in Cheshire told Breakfast with Isabel and Stephen that Boris Johnson's successor must tackle the cost-of-living crisis "first thing"
Max Parry 05 September 2022

16. UK faces recession as energy prices hammer factories and hospitality
UK's economic contraction led by the manufacturing industry which is heavily exposed to soaring bills
Tim Wallace. 5 September 2022

17. Liz Truss to the British Rescue
Britain’s new leader faces an energy crisis and failing economy.
By The Editorial Board Sept. 5, 2022

18. ‘Apocalyptic’: 500 per cent energy price hikes plunge schools into winter crisis
Skyrocketing prices force school leaders into 'unpalatable' choices to keep classrooms open this winter
Tom Belger. 6 Sep 2022

19. The great wind farm rip off: greedy energy giants sell us wind electricity at wholesale gas price
The UK is facing an unprecedented energy crisis with a £100billion bailout set to blow the country's bank balance – and all the while renewables firms are finding huge profits literally blowing in the wind
Ben Borland  7 SEP 2022

20. Britain Goes the Wrong Way on Energy Bailout
Truss price freeze ignores critical questions on conservation, funding
Javier Blas. September 9, 2022

21. Thatcher would be turning in her grave: how the Tories embraced state intervention
After bank bailouts and furlough, we now expect the government to wade in when times get tough. But we may be storing up trouble for later down the line
11 September 2022

22. The U.K. Can Slash Energy Prices – But Only If We Stop Sending All Our Electricity to Europe

23. UK Extends Life of Third Coal Plant to Secure Winter Electricity
Todd Gillespie. September 14, 2022

24. Truss energy bills freeze hands suppliers up to £1.6bn in taxpayer-funded profit
Companies' margin of 1.9pc preserved under bailout plan
Rachel Millard 14 September 2022

25. HALF of Britons are finding it 'difficult' to pay their energy bills as Kwasi Kwarteng thrashes out tax-cutting 'Emergency Budget' for next Friday
ONS research finds 48 per cent are finding it difficult to pay their energy bills
Government has already acted to prevent energy bills soaring again in October
Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is drawing up an 'Emergency Budget' for next Friday
JAMES TAPSFIELD, 16 September 2022

26. Truss dismantles the eco ‘axis of evil’
Steerpike 16 September 2022

27. Patagonia Billionaire Who Gave Up Company Skirts $700 Million Tax Hit
Devon Pendleton and Ben Steverman. September 16, 2022

28. We just paid Belgium 50 times the going rate to keep London's lights on – how did it come to this?
We need a public enquiry to get to the bottom of Britain's energy humiliation
TONY LODGE  17 September 2022

29. Jacob Rees-Mogg claims fracking opponents are funded by the Kremlin
Business Secretary accused those who oppose fracking of 'hysteria' and 'ludditery' and said drilling is in the 'national interest'
Rachel Millard and Tony Diver,  23 September 2022

30. Blindly pursuing Net Zero threatens to hasten the decline of the West and therefore poses an existential threat to the free world, says Mark Dolan
Sir Patrick Vallance, a man who in my view all but bankrupted this country with the disastrous and failed experiment of lockdown, is at it again
Mark Dolan  22 September 2022

31. UK motor groups call for more energy help as rising costs hit investment 
29 September 2022

32. Shock therapy: turmoil engulfs Britishvolt’s £3.8bn battery factory
Future of company hailed by Boris Johnson as key to green industrial revolution hangs in the balance, as the first in our Electric Dreams series on Britain’s fledgling battery industry reveals
Jasper Jolly  29 September 2022

33. UK weighs plan to drive down energy demand as winter looms
Ministers are concerned about browbeating Brits with energy demands so soon after tough COVID measures.

34. The Headlong Rush to ‘Net Zero’ Makes a New Great Depression a Racing Certainty

35. Energy prices: Households turning to coal ahead of 'hard winter'
29 September 2022

36. Cold weather puts Scottish grouse breed in danger of extinction
‘Worrying’ decline causes capercaillie numbers to drop below 1,000 for the first time, with risk the bird could die out in years ahead
Olivia Rudgard, 30 September 2022

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