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Deindustrialization 8, Germany, Oct-Nov reports

Germany, the world's 4th largest economy.
Electricity prices from January 2021 to Nov. 2022, below. From about Euro 75/MWH in June 2021 to nearly Euro 400/MWH currently.

Selected reports:

1. German Industry Collapse: Companies Leaving In Droves…”Can No Longer Bear Cost Explosion”!
By P Gosselin on 25. September 2022

2. Energy Institute: supply gaps in the electricity market possible by 2030
By Die kalte Sonne  (Translated by P. Gosselin)
1 October 2022

3. Berlin Antifa Group “Goes On Hunt” For High Energy Users… Heated Pools “Immediately Collectivized”
P Gosselin on 2. October 2022

4. Germany Finally Says the F-Word: ‘Fracking’
A country used to buying gas elsewhere suddenly remembers there’s a lot in the ground at home.
Joseph C. Sternberg  Oct. 6, 2022

5. German companies look at offshore production as energy prices rocket
Riham Alkousaa, John O'Donnell and Patricia Weiss. Mon, 10 October 2022

6. German Government Fears Millions Of Furnaces Going Off…Children Now Being Handed Blankets At School
P Gosselin on 11. October 2022

7. Wood Theft Skyrocketing As Germans Try To Keep Warm. Firewood Tracked By GPS
P Gosselin on 19. October 2022

8. Energy crisis: Quarter of German companies ‘plan to cut jobs’
In order to tackle rising energy prices, a quarter of German companies revealed in a new survey that they planned to cut jobs, among other cost saving measures.
Published: 24 October 2022

9. Germany Is Dismantling A Wind Farm To Make Way For A Coal Mine
By Michael Kern - Oct 26, 2022

10. Polish Leader Calls German Energy Policy “A Curse, Fiasco”…2/3 Of Restaurants Face Bankruptcy!
P Gosselin on 28. October 2022

11. Mittel-kaput? German industry stares into the abyss
Facing a prolonged energy crisis, many German firms face the unpleasant option of either shutting down or relocating elsewhere.

12. Exclusive: Germany steps up emergency cash plans to cope in blackout
By Tom Sims, Marta Orosz and John O'Donnell, Nov. 15, 2022

13. Germany’s Compounding Energy Woes: Even Wind Power Industry Is “Sliding Into Crisis”
P Gosselin on 15. November 2022

14. German meat industry warns of empty supermarket shelves
Nov. 16,  2022

15. Germany Preparing For Emergency Cash Deliveries, Bank Runs And "Aggressive Discontent" Ahead Of Winter Power Cuts

16. Energy Crisis: German Minister President Suggests Heating One Room In Winter Is Enough
P Gosselin on 20. November 2022

17. 75% Of German Wind Turbines Kill 70 Bats Each In 2 Months. There Are 30,000 Wind Turbines In Germany
By Kenneth Richard on 21. November 2022

18. Germany Sets Windfall Tax at 90% for Clean Power Generators
Arne Delfs and Kamil Kowalcze November 24, 2022

19. VW Warns Soaring EU Energy Costs Render Battery Plants Unviable
Monica Raymunt November 28, 2022

20. Destruction By Energy Costs: Fivefold Higher Prices Cause Popular Hotel, Brewery To Close
P Gosselin on 29. November 2022

21. Germany’s Largest State Declares Emergency Amid Energy Crisis
Tsvetana Paraskova - Nov 30, 2022

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