Sunday, April 05, 2009

G20 but 29 leaders

(picture from The Economist)

The G20 Summit in London that ended the other day was supposed to be a gathering of the leaders of 20 most powerful countries, rich and developing alike.

But as usual, a G8 is not only composed of 8 leaders of 8 industrialized countries. There are always other "equally important" leaders. So the G20 final pictorial has more than 20 leaders, I counted 29 heads or leaders in the stage, shown in this picture. I guess the 9 "extras" would include the EU President, the UN Sec-Gen, another British official (UK was the host government), who else are the other 6?

Meanwhile, they agreed that the IMF will need more capital injection, and the IMF will become the top monitoring and regulating body. The IMF bureaucrats are happy I guess, they become relevant again.

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