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Deindustrialization 19, UK and EU and rising cost of net zero

More stories about UK and EU experiences here. Enjoy.

The real costs of wind power prove the sums don’t add up
The chasm between net zero ambition and reality is growing ever larger
JEREMY WARNER 30 August 2023

Orsted plunges 20% on risk of $2.3 billion in US impairments
Reuters August 30, 2023

Why wind and solar power are running out of juice
By Jonathan Lesser Sep. 2, 2023

The Coming Green Energy Bailout
Renewable power operators already want rate increases for their subsidized projects.
By The Editorial Board  Sept. 4, 2023

More than half of British people are too preoccupied with the rising cost of living to prioritise climate change concerns, according to a survey
Dimitris Mavrokefalidis 4 September 2023

Turn on your heat pump when wind is blowing, Government pleads
Tory MPs criticise ‘dreadful’ Energy Bill, due before Commons on Tuesday, as Government denies electricity rationing
Nick Gutteridge, 4 September 2023

UK Now "Hopelessly Divided" Over The Net Zero Program
Francis Menton September 04, 2023

Net zero ban on petrol cars means EU and Britain cannot compete with China, says BMW chief
Chinese manufacturers have price advantage in electric vehicle production
Howard Mustoe 4 September 2023

‘Horrific - completely offensive!’ Outrage as Britons risk jail for breaking net zero rules
Ben Chapman 05/09/2023

Villagers ‘reject £5,000 payouts, oppose giant wind turbines in Wales’
Residents in Wales are reportedly resisting £5,000 compensation offers to oppose plans for massive wind turbines and a network of pylons in the Nant Mithil Energy Park
Dimitris Mavrokefalidis 5 September 2023

Britain’s deepening savings crisis must urgently be addressed, says Mervyn King
It should not be in the Bank's remit to help world fight climate change, former governor warns
Szu Ping Chan 8 September 2023

Households face £2,300 bills under net zero plans
The cost of shutting down Britain’s gas grid could reach £65bn
Matt Oliver 9 September 2023

Wind farms 'gaming system to inflate millions earned when asked to halt production'
Study finds companies are 'exaggerating' claims about the amount of energy they will produce at times when network risks being overloaded
Edward Malnick 9 September 2023

Electricity from wind isn’t cheap and it never will be
Politicians should stop endorsing an energy source that isn’t particularly clean or secure, and won’t bring down prices
MATT RIDLEY 10 September 2023

The rising cost of net zero
The NIC says the multi-decade cost of decommissioning the network could be as high as £65 billion, or over £2,000 a household
TELEGRAPH VIEW 10 September 2023

The Inflation Crisis Is Fraying Europe’s Climate Consensus
From UK to Germany, politicians are retreating on green policy
Sunak likely to make green policies an issue in next election
By Ellen Milligan, Olivia Rudgard, and Petra Sorge 10 September 2023

Mayors’ initiative calls for car, dairy and meat ban by 2030
C40 Cities recently unveiled a raft of radical green proposals
PANDA LA TERRIERE 11 September 2023 

The Coming Eco-Totalitarianism

Ofgem chief warns Brits face 'reality' of energy bills being as high or 'worse' this winter than last year
International energy costs have fallen but government support is being pulled
By JAMES TAPSFIELD, 13 September 2023

European Union Pledges to Help Struggling Wind Energy Industry
Wind developers face financing and supply-chain hurdles
Europe’s industry dealing with rising global competition
By Ewa Krukowska and Priscila Azevedo Rocha 13 September 2023

Opinion: Climate censorship is worse than you think
Science requires open debate. It does not advance by consensus or political pressure
Steve Ambler,  Sep 13, 2023

Driving could become 'upper class pursuit' due to petrol car ban, Karl McCartney says
Speaking on the Planet Normal podcast, Tory MP says there is ‘no way we’re all going to go electric’ as he calls for deadline to be scrapped
Emma Gatten, 14 September 2023

‘We’ve cut carbon emissions by decimating working-class communities’: the leader of the GMB union on the folly of net zero
Kate Andrews 16 September 2023

Why won’t Greenpeace admit that wind turbines may be killing whales?
Matt Ridley 16 September 2023

Stories in the US, China, others:

Green energy is already causing blackouts in the USA – and it’ll get worse
‘We're headed for a crisis, and I'm not being melodramatic’
KATHRYN PORTER, 5 September 2023

Energy Subsidy Shenanigans: The Green IMF At Work
Tilak Doshi Sep 6, 2023

China is building new coal power so fast that ‘energy transition’ by the West is meaningless
Even if the US went completely off coal tomorrow, its plants would be more than replaced
DAVID BLACKMON 6 September 2023

Texas Teeters on Edge of Blackouts as Demand Squeezes Grid
Grid operator issues first emergency declaration since 2021
ERCOT draws on electricity reserves while urging conservation
By Joe Carroll and Naureen S Malik 7 September 2023

Texas Suffers a Solar and Wind Power ‘Drought’
The Lone Star State barely avoids blackouts, thanks to natural gas
By The Editorial Board Sept. 7, 2023

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