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Jayant Bhandari on India, Indians, Canada and Wokeism

I am reposting recent tweets, articles by a Canadian-Indian free marketer friend, Jayant Bhandari. He organizes the annual forum in Canada, "Capitalism and Morality." I always enjoy his frank, often brutally honest assessment of India, Indians, and leftist philosophies. Enjoy.

I. Recent tweets, from his account @JayantBhandari5: 

Sep 28
Just a reminder. I am a financial analyst, and I must weigh factors properly. Whatever I say about India is a well-calculated, well-balanced portrayal of what I see from my chauffeur-driven air-conditioned car. For 99.99% of Indians, the reality is much worse.

Sep 27
Hundreds of colleges in Canada are structured not for education but to enable unqualified, low-IQ people to immigrate. Canada is on a suicidal mission.

Sep 26
They hate me, oppose me and then under the continual onslaught of reason and evidence either give in or stop coming. Then they write nice things to me for showing them the light. Then they hit a glass ceiling and start hating me again.

Sep 25
Only warriors can be forgiving, compassionate, and peace-loving. Only warriors create civilization. "Pacifism" is a euphemism for timidity and an orientation for lifestyle rather than doing what is right.

Sep 24
Black-on-East-Asian violence is by far the most significant racial issue of the USA, but mostly ignored. Moreover, East Asians have a proud culture. They hesitate to blame others. Example: I have never met a Japanese who blames the US for what it did in WW2.

Sep 23
Who thinks that this is going to end well for Europe? My view: The West has already done hara-kiri. It is living off the inertia. Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and NZ will be Third-World-people majority countries in a decade or so.

(Quote @RadioGenoa Sep 22
Lampedusa now. Giorgia Meloni dumps them in Italian cities. They will then be free to travel illegally to France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. You know it

II. Articles in lewrockwell:

1. Canada: The Great Replacement
September 28, 2023

Canada’s population grew by more than one million in 2022. This increase was equivalent to 2.7%. Such a rate would double Canada’s population in 26 years.

When I moved to Canada in 2003, its population was 32 million. Today, it is 40 million, an increase of 25%.

Before the early 1970s, most immigrants came from Europe. Today, only 10% of the total immigrants come from Europe. This matters.

Last year’s immigrants represented 200 countries of the world, representing 450 different mother tongues. India is by far the most significant source of immigration, accounting for 27% of total immigrants. A distant second is China, with 7%. Third is Afghanistan, with 5.4%. Fourth is Nigeria, with 5%.

Canadians have put Canada on a path to inevitable destruction.

Did I leave India because of its utterly venal and oppressive government? Not really. They are utterly stupid, and bribes take care of everything. But the character of the government is a symptom of the underlying society. It was the Indian society that I ran away from, which has no concept of honor, integrity, moral values, rationality, or interest in anything except the material, which is money and sex.

More precisely, I ran away from Indians.

Sometimes, Canadian airports and train stations look indistinguishable from Indian ones, except that you can still get a train ticket without paying a bribe, the ticket-seller treats you respectfully albeit a bit less by each passing day, the trains still operate reasonably well albeit continue to worsen, and you still don’t see cockroaches inside the compartments. But you will get there.

Eventually, trains will collide, killing hundreds; massive forest fires will happen not because of climate change but because of a lack of work ethics, incompetence, and apathy; bridges will fall apart, infrastructure will deteriorate, quality of hygiene will worsen, and nepotism and bribery will become commonplace. But unless you understand this article, you will fail to pinpoint the reason.

It is a gross mistake to think that people leave their home countries to escape their tyrants. As in North Korea, the real tyrants do not let their people escape. Virtually everyone else is running away from the hellhole they created for themselves. They are part and parcel of the hellhole they left behind. They remake their host country in the image of what they left behind. When you bring them in, you bring the subtle, subliminal ways they will participate in making Canada a hellhole.

Civilization is a uniquely Western concept. The Third World, where most Canadian immigrants come from, has no interest in Western values. For them, concepts like honor, honesty, and fairness are alien. They are driven by expediency and the acquisition of resources. Desperate in their Third World hellhole, it is not the absence of liberty or the rule of law that worries them. They are blind to them. They are only interested in money.

They have no interest in Western values or liberty. They are not running away from tyranny. They like it. They have a visceral hatred for peace and order. I might even add that they find Western values abhorrent.

When you bring people of the Third World, you get the Third World. You convert your society into the Third World. Alas, even if Canada ended immigration today, it is too late for Canada. It is well on its way to becoming a Third World majority country.

The people of the future will be amused by how, using simplistic, unexamined, faulty myths of multiculturalism and diversity, Canada, which was once a great country, destroyed itself. They will be amused that, afraid of being canceled and to preserve their lifestyles from marauding leftists and wokes, Canadians let their land be ransacked within two generations.

2. Falling Apart of the Civilization
August 31, 2022

A rapidly rising insidious religion is wreaking havoc in the West and the Third World….

It looks cute, non-violent, mostly innocuous, secular, and even kind-hearted.

… It has come to be known as “wokeism,” a belief system of no beliefs, a value system of no values, where there is no objective morality. If you engage in female genital mutilation as an immigrant, there is no problem among the “wokes.” You have the right to preserve your culture.

… Their ideology is deeply imbued with multiculturalism, diversity, feminism, LGBTQ, environmentalism, egalitarianism, affirmative actions, safe spaces, etc. It is not that there is a problem with any of the issues they raise, but they lack comprehension or understanding of the associated costs. More importantly, behind the fa├žade of their activism is an attempt to transfer the responsibility for their failure in life to others and to get free resources.

What matters to the wokes is virtue-signaling while they have no empathy or compassion for anyone—their materialistic, animalistic desires drive them. Lacking any moral fabric, they have no inhibitions about dipping their hands in others’ pockets. They feel no shame in asking for the unearned. Lacking self-responsibility, they always have someone to blame for their real or imagined suffering. Unable to think critically or think at all, they don’t want their valueless, hedonistic, animalistic ways to be challenged.

Most people think wokeism to be childish and irresponsible. Some might say that a dose of wokeism can soften fundamentalist Islam. What is wrong if something challenges the fundamentalism that Islam engenders? That is until you have not experienced wokeism. I should know better. I grew up in a woke culture—in India—which had no values, morality, or civilizational constraints and where getting away with crime was glorified.

… Evil hardly ever is a fierce-looking, sharp-toothed devil. It is usually alluring. It caters to our animalistic instincts.

… Is wokeism worse than communism, which killed millions in the last century? Yes. An unmoored boat does not drift away to the open ocean right away. In the initial stages, society’s lack of moral structure might look like relaxation of social constraints and liberty. Still, the result is evident in cultures of the Third World, where moral values are conspicuous by their absence. Indians killed four million people in a three-country settlement after the so-called independence from the British. They have no empathy for over a billion people who live lives worse than that of cockroaches, generation after generation.

Wokeism is the ultimate in no-civilization and must lead to a feral existence, where the only value is the animalistic might-is-right, a freewheeling life of substance abuse, and abusing others.

3. Wokeness: Where has Honor Gone?
October 4, 2021

… I have felt belittled, degraded, and less human whenever I have been offered benefits based on my skin colour. And why shouldn’t I? What makes someone think that I can’t stand without his support? The bigotry of the wokes, who claim to fight against bigotry, makes me feel sick. I wonder why anyone who asks for privileges based on sex, skin color, or sexual orientation doesn’t feel the same. Don’t they have an iota of honor?

…. One must find honor before starting to feel human.  Without character and values, there are no foundations on which to build a better life. That is the most important reason why Europe and its offshoots emerged from eternal poverty, borderline starvation, Malthusian existence and became successful. If the core philosophy is not retained, the successes and prosperity will disappear.

To fight racism, sexism, and homophobia, policymakers in the West assume that the presumed sufferers must be too weak to deal unaided with heterosexual males of European ethnicity.  To accept this condescension and the engineered successes it offers dehumanizes those it claims to help.

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