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Jayant Bhandari on the US elections

As usual, I enjoy the frank analysis of my Indian-Canadian friend Jayant Bhandari, I am reposting his FB posts here -- about the recent US elections, the woke culture, US immigration, related topics. Enjoy. 

Nov. 2.

The biggest contribution Trump has made to the West is in bringing an awakening in some people that they do not have to wallow in political correctness. Now, you can blame him for not stopping the fiat currency printing press. Unfortunately, the system runs on the Keynesian drug. Had he stopped sending welfare checks, tens of millions of people would have come to the street and thrown him out in no time. That is the problem of government welfare programs—once started, it is virtually impossible to pull out. I do blame him for fueling the fire of conspiracy theories—Obama’s birth certificate, high-profile American pedophile ring, QAnon, Alex Jones, etc. But then, in a democracy, if you want to change the system, you still have to win. Someone not living in his intellectual ivory tower has only one option: to weigh the pros and cons of having Trump vs. Biden. And the chasm is so huge that for me, Trump is a no-brainer.

On MMT, you cannot generate wealth by printing money. MMT is a childish game that those who have no contact with reality have concocted.

Nov. 4.

Some of the most na├»ve, leftist bobos in the western world are the IT people, particularly in California. Why? This sector has the highest concentration of mom’s kids coming from abroad—these kids didn’t understand how the world works except that they were trained to be IT coolies. Given the higher proportion of these colored “kids” in the sector, political correctness is rampant, creating a feedback cycle. I wonder if IT makes people simplistic, for they work on a small part of the whole. Any other reason?

Nov. 5

Rich people have put BLM/Biden signs hoping it would stop their houses from getting destroyed. And they go out to vote for the left. A majority of billionaires side with Biden. They fail to connect the dots, see the simple causality. If Trump wins, there will be riots. If he loses, there will be more riots as the left starts eating itself away. This is what happens when the intellectual spine of society becomes irrational.

A place on this Earth which will be good in the future is East Asia. That said, my respect for Trump grows every day. He is fighting a good fight.

When people have to face direct consequences of their actions, they are perfectly happy choosing between the bad and the worse. They do not wait for the perfect but impossible thing to appear and then end up with worse. But when they do not have to face the consequences of their actions individually, they take a so-called ideological higher moral ground. About 1.1% of the total US votes went to Jo of the Libertarian Party. Had these voters been more practical, they would have voted for Trump, for by voting for Jo, they, ironically, enabled a worse candidate (Biden) to improve his ranking--they "chose" the worse by not voting for the bad. Moreover, those who idealistically voted for Jo failed to look at her ideas. By opening up the border, she would destroy the US faster than Biden.

Nov. 8.

Even for Democrats, Biden/Harris are nobodies, with no ideas of their own. As populism and demagoguery rachets up in a democracy, the top positions start going to those who will not rock the boat or challenge anyone, the Tooheys, who fit in. Trump was an aberration and the US will regret losing him.

Nov. 9

There is a childish opinion among some libertarians that you should allow free immigration but get rid of the welfare system. It is as if you can rid of the welfare system using a magic wand. Of course, such people are not practical, who fool themselves and others by sounding libertarian while doing leftist virtue-signaling. In reality, the welfare system is virtually impossible to dismantle. And by bringing in more people while you devise a way to dismantle it, you will only make dismantling it more difficult. Of course, these culturally blank-slate libertarians fail to understand that you might want to restrict immigration for cultural reasons.

Without Trump in power, the Democratic Party will fall apart. While they have been in unison of their hatred for those on the right and particularly Trump, their internal division is wider. Within the democrats, there is a radical left (BLM, AOC, etc.) and the moderate left (the stupid, but financially successful bobos living in California, etc.). What the latter will soon realize is that the former hates and envies them far more than they dislike those on the right (who are usually not rich).

Nov. 10.

A great contribution Trump has made is to show how biased and leftist the media is. Without any authority, they have called Biden/Harris elected to the office. Of course, these two nobodies have accepted the media's verdict. The media isn't going to talk about it, but it is not unlikely that Trump might end up winning. The betting sites give Trump a 10% chance. And Trump wasn't going to fight unless he knew he would win.

Nov. 11

While there are all kinds of factors behind who votes for who, proximally, it is the coastal, urban, and educated people who tend to vote for the left. Having taken a quick look at the county level voting pattern, it seems that there is a direct correlation between the higher proportion of white men and votes for Trump. The exceptions are Colorado, NH, and Vermont, which despite having a higher proportion of white men, tend to go left, perhaps because the hippiest white people live in these states.

Nov. 15

Pompeo is a genius, has helped create some peace in the Middle East and earned the world’s respect for the US. Trump is often ridiculed in the media for having changed so many people in his administration. Those who mock him have likely never put an organization into place, let alone when trying to change a gigantic organization like the US's government. Finding good and competent people is not easy. Getting rid of less good people has increasingly left him with competent ones, like Pompeo.

Nov. 16

Biden is following the example set by Trudeau: installing people in senior positions not based on competencies but because of their physical characteristics. The end result: women and colored people will be--even when they are not--automatically assumed to be incompetent. Apart from degrading institutions, affirmative policy leads to an increase in racism and sexism.

Nov. 19

As the US pulls out of Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq, these hellholes are disintegrating. And that is all for good. When they fight among themselves, they keep their population levels to what their culture allows for and stay focused inwards rather than on the West. But what about women's rights, education, and the other good stuff? The West has been trying to do good things for 300 years with no success and worse suicidal consequences. Even the immigrants from these hellholes stay fanatic or become radical leftists.

Pompeo and Trump both deserve three Nobel prizes each for having got recognition for Isreal in Sudan, UAE, and Bahrain. And the Middle East hasn't been this peaceful in years.

Nov. 21

Only 31% of the votes in Canada go to the Conservatives. The rest get split among several parties on the left. I wonder if the same is coming to the US. Would the Democrats break-up before 2024? If it does, it might offer Republicans to return, giving the US a chance for a slow decay rather than a rapid one. But as with Canada, with most people being on the left, it is hard for even a right-wing government not to be left-tilting.

Nov. 22.

The urge to rule over others is one of the most corrupt human cravings. In the woke world, however, instead of children being told to reign in on such cravings, they are encouraged to have them.

When society raises girls to have high ambitions without asking them to develop competencies, it merely raises them to provide sexual services. And then it worries that people of competencies do not give any value to those like Harris.

Nov. 25

Adam Smith called his first book, "The Theory of Moral Sentiments." Indeed, most of economics is about common sense and moral values. Radical leftism is a product of unhinging the psyche from any moral moorings—leaving the sole purpose of leftists' lives hedonism and materialism. It is only such people who can with a straight face ask for free-stuff as a right.

Those who took the so-called higher moral ground to show off by not voting for Trump have no reason to complain if they get what is in this video. Those who fail to differentiate between a lesser evil from a worse evil have to content with what is coming: a worse evil. Idealism is wonderful as a yardstick, but in real life, one must always choose between the bad and the worse—if you disagree, tell me when you don’t.

What does Biden believe? We still don’t know

Dec. 1.

Trudeau has been an unmitigated disaster for Canada. Growing up in an extremely protected environment, made worse by drugs he consumed, this ex-drama teacher hasn't a clue how the world works. He has an opinion on Indian farmers based on the Khalistani terrorists, who are the only Indians he knows, tell him. And, no, Canada does not allow peaceful protests. Try protesting in Canada, and the police will arrest you. They allow protests only when a gang of rowdies descent on the streets.

Dec. 3

The US is well on its way to having a third party. This third-party won't be based on Swedish socialism (which for all its flaws comes from compassion) or even Russian communism (which at least had some ideals however simplistic). The new party will be a give-me-free-stuff party akin to what you see in Latin America or worse in Africa. It will in fact be worse for the process in LA and Africa cleanses their leadership of spinelessness. This party will have thoroughbred morons, fanatics, spineless people, feminists, and desperate to get laid male-feminists.

Dec. 4.

Westerners should stop reading Orwell. By reading 1984, they misinterpret what is happening in the West. 1984 happened in China, USSR, and the Third World, but it isn't happening in the West. West is facing a Hauxilian (Aldoux Huxley's) revolution, where people are being told to comply by making them hedonistic, and dependent. Hauxilianism, radical leftism of the kind of AOC is being tried for the first time in human history.

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