Tuesday, December 15, 2020

APTU meeting 2020

Later today, the Asia Pacific Taxpayers Union (APTU) will hold its Meeting 2020 via zoom. APTU is composed of taxpayers' organizations, advocates of low flat tax in the region. APTU holds a biennial meeting before. Photo below was during the APTU Meeting 2017 in Bangkok, also the World Taxpayers Association (WTA) regional meeting.

Important personalities above, front row: 2nd from left is Troy Lanigan of Canada Taxpayers Assn. as WTA President then. Middle in red pant is Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg, founder and Past Pr esident of WTA, also Past President of Swedish Taxpayers Assn. Next to Bjorn are Mr. Kim Sun-Taek, President of the Korea Taxpayers Association (KTA), and Mr. Fengiang Liu, President of Beijing Taxpayers Assn.

Other participants were taxpayers groups from India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, also the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR), among the active members of WTA.

Below during the meeting proper, Bangkok 2017.

First time I attended the APTU meeting was in 2006 in Seoul, sponsored and organized by the KTA. Then when I attended the Atlas Liberty Forum in Atlanta, USA in 2008, there was a small side-meeting by the few APTU members who also attended the Atlas event. Then another small side-meeting during the 3rd Pacific Rim Policy Exchange in Singapore in 2009.

A day before the APTU meeting in 2017, I visited my good friend Pett Jarupaiboon at their FNF Regional Office in Bangkok. Cool guy.

APTU side meeting in Singapore in 2009, 3rd Pacific Rim Policy Exchange. With Mr. Kim (middle), lady beside him was his English translator, Jargal (Mongolia taxpayers group), and Ms. ____ of Grassroot Institute Hawaii. 

The last APTU side-meeting was during the 7th Australia Taxpayers Association (ATA) and WTA  conference in Sydney, May 2019. Below, I first met them in 2006 in Seoul. From left: Mr. Jaya Naidu of Australia taxpayers group, Bjorn, and Mr. Liu.


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Shan Kumar said...

Wonderful to have met you at Bangkok as well as at Sydney, Mr Nonoy Oplas!

India Tax Payer

Mark Dodds said...

G'day Mr Nonoy Oplas

Great to hear you speak about your current endeavors and achievements in the Philippines.

Thank you for posting the photos and information from previous APTU gatherings. It was a stroll down memory lane!

Kind regards

Mark Dodds
Taxpayers Australia

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Thank you Shan, Mark.
To another year of tax cut fights.