Friday, December 04, 2020

Interview at DZRH on comparative pricing, wind-solar vs coal

This morning I was on live radio interview in DZRH again hosted by Cong. Angelo Palmones. Topic was comparative pricing and power stability of wind-solar vs coal, conventionals.

Here is the audio clip, 9+ minutes long,

Some related articles I saw recently: 

(1) Cultivating corruption 
Published 1 day ago on December 3, 2020 12:30 AM
By Chito Lozada  @tribunephl_cloz 

"Lopez Group unit First Gas Power Corp., which operates four natural gas plants — Sta. Rita, San Lorenzo, Avion and San Gabriel — never underwent any open bidding or competitive selection process (CSP) in selling electricity.

The Lopezes when they were majority owner of the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) also imposed notorious take-or-pay provisions even on its own distribution unit.

Sometime in 2008, a House investigation was launched on what was termed then as ghost deliveries between First Gas and Meralco.

Documents then showed Meralco paid some P12.9 billion to First Gas for electricity that was not actually delivered...."

(2) CNN: “most countries are still choosing fossil fuels over clean energy” 
Eric Worrall / December 3, 2020

(3) UNRELIABLE, MOST EXPENSIVE: Green Energies Make Germany’s Electricity Prices Highest In Europe! 
By P Gosselin on 28. November 2020

(4) Coal Outperforms Wind Power In UK Wind Week!
NOVEMBER 27, 2020   By Paul Homewood

See that? 4th week of November 2020, solar + wind contributed only 2.7% of total power generation in UK. The demonized coal contributed 7% while gas produced 61%, nuke 15%.

(5) 1.35 Million Tonnes of “Hazardous Material”, Germany Admits No Plan To Recycle Used Wind Turbine Blades
By P Gosselin on 21. November 2020

Meanwhile, here is the power generation mix of Germany, Dec. 4 2019 to Dec. 4, 2020. Power demand is high during winter particularly from December to March except in January for some reasons. During those high power demand months when people want more heating to avoid being frozen to death, solar output is minimal while wind onshore has big output. But what really produce stable and dispatchable on demand power are the conventionals, especially coal, nuke and gas.

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