Thursday, January 08, 2009

Philippines' Top 1,000 corporations, 2007

The list was released by BusinessWorld last November 25, 2008.

The Top 30 and their gross revenues in Billion Pesos were as follows:

Rank; Corporation; Gross Revenues; Sector

1. National Power Corp. (NPC) 316.65 – power generation and transmission
2. Petron Corp. 212.93 – petroleum mfg.; 40% State-owned
3. Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) 198.80 – electricity distribution
4. Pilipinas Shell Petrol Corp. (PSPC) 164.70 – petroleum mfg.
5. Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. 144.21 – electronics mfg.
6. Phil. Long Distance Tel. Co. (PLDT) 80.54 – telecoms
7. Chevron Phils. Inc. 77.89 – petroleum mfg.
8. Smart Communications, Inc. 75.03 – telecoms
9. Nestle Phils., Inc. 73.06 – powdered or condensed milk mfg.
10.Phil. Associated Smelting & Refining Corp. (PASAR) 68.76 – metals mfg.
11. Mercury Drug Corp. 64.02 – drugs retail
12. Globe Telecom, Inc. 61.31 – telecoms
13. Toshiba Info Eqpt. (Phils.), Inc. 54.74 – computers mfg.
14. Zuellig Pharma, Inc. 52.98 – pharmaceuticals
15. Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. 50.67 – banking
16. Panasonic Communications Phils., Inc. 50.12 – computers mfg.
17. Fujitsu Computer Products Corp. 46.14 – computers mfg.
18. Toyota Motor Phils., Inc. 43.44 – motor vehicles
19. Metrobank & Trust Co. 40.29 – banking
20. Samsung Electronics Phils. 38.96 – computers mfg.
21. American Power Conversion (APC) 38.00 – accumulators/batteries mfg.
22. National Food Authority (NFA) 37.86 – grains trader and regulator
23. San Miguel Foods (SMF) 36.36 – chicken broiler producer
24. Bank of the Phil. Islands (BPI) 36.28 – banking
25. San Miguel Corp. (SMC) 35.86 – food and beverage
26. Supervalue, Inc. 35.57 – retail supermarket
27. NXP Semiconductors Phils., Inc. 33.45 – electronics mfg.
28. First Gas Power Corp. 30.81 – power generation
29. Philip Morris 30.29 – cigarettes mfg.
30. Fortune Tobacco Corp. 29.60 – cigarettes mfg.

Largest Companies in the following sectors, 2007:

Rank Corporation Gross Revenues

A. Mining and Quarrying

37. Chevron Malampaya LLC 24.00
78. Coral Bay Nickel Corp. 13.53
97. Philex Mining Corp. 11.44

B. Manufacturing

B1. Canning/Packaging fruit products

38. Dole Philippines, Inc. 23.88
89. Del Monte Phils., Inc. 12.38

B2 Manufacture of drugs and medicines

40. United Laboratories, Inc. 23.07
67. Wyeth Phils., Inc. 14.37
96. Bristol-Myers Squibb (Phil.) Inc. 11.64
135. GlaxoSmithkline (GSK) 8.37


Anonymous said...

Nonoy, do you have the complete list? May i get a copy from you? :) Thanks!

- Carla

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Hi Carla, I don't have the copy of the BWorld report now, I got it from my sister's office. Anyway, I think you can BWorld's website,, and see if you can download the paper. Otherwise, ask from your other friends who subscribe to the newspaper.

Btway, Carla who? I have at least 3 female friends named Carla :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Sir Nonoy, do you have the super latest list of those top corporations? Thank you very much sir. God bless you...

- Jude

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Hi Jude, Sorry, I haven't followed the top 1,000 corporations report recently. BusinessWorld should have it, both hard copy and in its website.

Jorvic said...

Good day Nonoy!

Do you have a Top 1,000 Corporations in the Philippines since 2009? May I get a copy? :-)


Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Jorvic, sorry but I dont keep the top 1,000 reports of Business World. I think it is available online, but you have to be a subscriber of BWorld. If you know someone who is a subscriber to that paper, perhaps you can ask his/her permission to access the report using the subscription name and password.

Lance Cortez said...

Hi. I believe the top 1000 corp.List by Bworld is forsale.

Nathan Mendoza said...

I think you mean the Top 10 Corporation in the Philippines? Here is a resource site, hope it helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nathan,

Thanks for sharing the site. it really i viewed top 100 corporations..


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Nonoy.

Do you have the latest & complete list for 2015?

Thanks po in advance :)

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Hi Jacel, BusinessWorld,, publishes the annual Top 1,000 corporations. They are selling it, the book or printed copy. Not sure if it is online for their subscribers. Thanks.