Saturday, April 11, 2015

Climate Tricks 40: Arrest Climate Change Deniers

Another emotional and  authoritarian call from the alarmist groups.  This is from, March 28, 2015. The alarmists are getting more emotional, more desperate, more intolerant.

On the other hand, that proposal might be correct. Yes, arrest the deniers. Those people who:

1. Deny that climate change (CC) is natural and cyclical; that it is largely nature-made, not man-made.

2. Deny that global warming (GW) also happened in the past despite absence of SUVs and coal/nuke power plants. Deny that GW is not "unprecedented" and that global cooling can happen after GW; 

Source: Dr. Roy Spencer, April 6th, 2015

3. Deny that global warming can pause for many years, despite continued rise of GHGs in the atmosphere.

Source:  Werner Brozek, RSS Shows No Warming For 15 Years (Now Includes FebruaryData), April 09, 2015

4. Deny that CO2-temperature has no clear causality, that global temperature can flat line, or even decline, while CO2 concentration can  keep rising.  

Source: Friends of Science. Violet trend line (2002 best fit) for the period January 2002 to February 2015.

5. Deny that  CO2 is plant food or fertilizer, and  hence, is a useful gas, the gas that we humans and our animals exhale, the gas that plants and crops use to grow and produce their own food via photosynthesis.

On the right: Empirical Data. Growth of 21-day-old rice and S. viridis seedlings at different ambient CO2 concentrations ranging from 30 to 800 parts per million. NOTE: The very last set of pots on the extreme right is out of sequence. They are for 390 ppm, while the next to last pots are for 800 ppm.

Source: Indur Goklany, Memo to Doubters -- CO2 is Plant Food! June 30, 2012

6. Deny that Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) and Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) contribute to natural climate regulation of warming and cooling.

The PDO has been trending down since the early 1980s. It also was up during the 1930s and negative during the 1970s. The AMO and the PDO are the natural ocean cycles that climate scientists talk about.

Source: Ed Caryl, NTZ, What Caused the Global Warming Pause or Why Hate theHiatus?, April 08, 2015.

7. Deny that the Sun can be the  main driver of planet Earth's climate of warming or cooling.

8. Deny that galactic cosmic rays (GCRs), their effect on cloud formations and Earth's albedo also contribute to climate regulation of warming or cooling.

The neutron count is an indicator of the cosmic ray flux at the top of the atmosphere. Here is the neutron count at Oulu, Finland since 1965. It is thought that cosmic rays seed cloud formation. Therefore high recent count is providing cooling clouds. 

Source: Ed Caryl, NTZ.

9. Deny that human emission of CO2 as share of total CO2 in the atmosphere is small (between 0 - 30%). And that CO2 residence in the atmosphere is short (only 4-7 years) and not "hundreds of years".

Source: Hockey Schtick, March 24, 2015

10. Deny that Arctic (and Greenland, Antarctica) ice melts and grows, every year. And also follow a thin-thick ice cycle.

Source: Joe D' Aleo, icecap, April 08, 2015.

These deniers who deny the above and many other scientific facts and data, they should be arrested. 

But who will arrest these deniers if the arresting institutions -- governments, plus the UN -- are themselves part or leaders of this grand global denial movement?

For this group of CC deniers, they argue that "man-made" CC causes less rain and more rain, less flood and more flood, less snow and more snow, less storms and more storms, less heat waves and more heat waves, less dogs and more dogs. It is actually stupid and anti-science.

Whatever the weather or climate, they are all "man-made" CC and hence, there should be lots of "man-made" solutions. Like more climate bureaucracies, more and frequent global climate junkets, more climate loans, more energy taxation and regulations, more subsidies and cronyism to favored renewables.

Given the uncertainty of climate predictions, there should be NO global and national  climate coercions. Like forcing people to pay for expensive electricity from renewables, forcing people to pay for the huge cost of climate bureaucracies and their frequent global climate junkets.

If the deniers will recognize and stop denying any of those 10 (more actually) scientific facts showen above, the whole foundation of "man-made" CC collapses. Just one out of ten, much more if all 10 of them.

Yes the deniers will deny that their ultimate goal is global ecological central planning. Global environmental socialism.

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