Thursday, April 09, 2015

LTO Bureaucracy 6: On the No Plate No Travel Prohibition

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano posted today this poster in his fb page with this note,

Sen. Alan Cayetano is asking for a moratorium/suspension of the No Registration, No Travel policy of the LTO.
Ayusin muna systema ng Lto at supply ng plaka.

Serve the people, don't hassle them.

Within 2+ hours, there were 7,300+ likes and 1,265 shares, and counting. Very powerful message, it attracted huge public attention.

The comments are in the hundreds too. I copy-pasted the more relevant ones, posting them below. With comments like these, only very insensitive, very opportunist, very corrupt people will not be rattled and affected.

As one saying goes, "the purpose of government is to expand the government." It  is clear in this case. Government's main business is prohibition. Certain prohibitions are useful, like No killing and murder, No abduction and rape, No stealing and destruction of other people's properties.

But when prohibitions expand too much, individual freedom is sacrificed and curtailed. In this case, the freedom  of individuals to drive their own new cars and motorcycles because the LTO has problems releasing the car plates.

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