Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Stats this Month

Recently, this blog has attracted somehow high page views. From an average of about 370 pageviews a day from January to March 2015, from April 6 until today, the blog has been  getting something like 700 pageviews a day. The biggest view was the other day, 2,300+ views. This screen shot was taken 6:15 am today in Manila.

Below, traffic stats over the past 30 days including half day today. Most of the readers are from the US and Russia, The other day, there was huge traffic coming from Cote d'Voire, 1,600+ in one hour. I do not know what explains for that. What is notable is that this blog is read more by Europeans than by Asians. Maybe they are mostly fellow Filipinos who are working or studying in Europe.

To my readers, thank you. You see my bias of course, towards less government, more individual freedom, more personal and civil society responsibility, and more facts-based public policy advocacy. So long as the facts and hard data support this view, I will stay in this course. Thanks again.

May I add that there are two mirror sites of this blog.
Aside from the original,
there are and

I don't know why blogger is doing these mirror sites, maybe for blog site protection. Anyway, thank you

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