Thursday, April 01, 2021

Elections 2022, The iOptions survey result Q1 2021

The Presidential, Senatorial, local elections in the Philippines just 13 months away, May 2022, I will try to follow some trends. Let me start with the recent survey results by iOptions Ventures Corp. released yesterday. The survey covers other topics from vaccine awareness, willingness to be vaccinated, and the elections.

Satisfaction of President Duterte's administration remains high at 62%, but Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's record is much higher at 80%, wow. Followed by Sen. Manny Pacquiao at 64%. Trust ratings also given. See the report here,

If elections were held today, who would you vote for? The result is surprising -- the top two candidates are local government leaders, City Mayors Isko Moreno and Sara Duterte. Both for President and Vice-President.

Among Senatoriables, Dr. Willie Ong is harvesting his belated popularity after he lost in the 2019 Senatorial elections.

Good work, iOptions. Thank you for making your survey results quickly available in the web.

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