Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Energy 142, Earth Day, Miscellaneous energy articles

Some energy articles that I read the past few weeks,  reposting.

The social costs of carbon fiasco
Paul Driessen  Mar 15, 2021 

It takes big energy to back up little wind and solar
David Wojick   Mar 31, 2021 

Climate Insanity: German Greens, Conservatives Push For 100s Of Wind Turbines In Black Forest! 
By P Gosselin on 10. April 2021 

2021 German Coal Plant “Phaseout” Lasted Only 8 Days…Put Back Online To Stabilize Shaky Grid 
By P Gosselin on 13. April 2021

RE firms urged to build new power plants by 2023
Danessa Rivera - April 15, 2021 - 12:00am

China’s Shale Gas Industry Is Finally Taking Off
By Tatiana Serova - Apr 17, 2021, 10:00 AM CDT 

Ramon Ang says power unit sets $1 billion for ‘game changer’ battery storage facilities
ABS-CBN News   Apr 22 2021 11:42 AM

My comment: Combined total rated capacity of 1,000 MW, wow. RSA remains a very intelligent businessman. SMC has zero wind solar biomass plants, intermittent expensive subsidy-dependent unstable unreliable non-dispatchable plants, seems that RSA does not believe those climate drama. But there is a law (RA 9513, RE law of 2008) that has coerced all distribution utilities (DUs), electric cooperatives and WESM, that by hook or by hook, they should take those intermittents. So the Ayalas, Lopezes, Leviste, Perez, etc are into those expensive RE but they have no battery. RSA comes to give them battery, which will be a huge business project.

Earth Day 2021, first celebrated April 22, 1970 or 51 years ago. US President Joe Biden hosted the "Leaders Summit on Climate", April 22-23, 2021, attended by 40 other leaders in the world "to save the planet." This photo from There is one odd-man-out in this photo. Can you spot it?

... US Presiden Joe Biden, the only leader with no country flag in the background. 

“Earth Day” related articles 

Herding the big dogs: Biden takes risks with climate 'summit'
Clashing agendas, egos may cloud gathering
By Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times - Monday, April 19, 2021 

John Kerry’s Climate Kowtow
How much will Biden trade away in exchange for empty promises?
By The Editorial Board  April 19, 2021 7:05 pm ET 

Earth Day, Greenpeace and the renewable energy lobby 
By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.   April 19, 2021 | 6:41 pm 

Earth Day Connections: NASA Investigates Vegetation 
Charles Rotter  Apr 19, 2021 

India Is Pushing For More Coal Capacity 
By Charles Kennedy - Apr 19, 2021, 1:30 PM CDT

Not an 'existential' threat: Intelligence agencies challenge Biden's climate change alarmism 
By Bill Gertz - The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 20, 2021

China, India Complicate Biden’s Climate Ambitions 
Both countries have big and growing appetites for energy and rely heavily on coal
By Sha Hua in Hong Kong and Phred Dvorak in Tokyo
Updated April 22, 2021 9:44 pm ET 

My comment: China is going into shale oil-gas fracking while the US under Biden cancels fracking in federal lands. China producing solar for UK and China using slave labor that UK hates. China and India building more coal plants that Biden and UK hate.

Revealed: UK solar projects using panels from firms linked to Xinjiang forced labour
Investigation finds up to 40% of UK solar farms were built using panels from leading Chinese companies
Jillian Ambrose and Jasper Jolly   Sun 25 Apr 2021 17.00 BST 

Russia jubilant as US democrats start banning fracking in California 
GWPF  April 25, 2021

China doubles down on coal plants abroad despite carbon pledge at homeAFP 
AFP   /  Tue, April 27, 2021  /  06:35 pm

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