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Covid 28, Drs. Villa and Landrito, Ms. Cuisia, on IVM and lockdown

Last Tuesday, Dr. Marivic Villa, a Filipina physician based in Florida shared this in the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the PH (CDC PH) group, very informative. She gave permission to share it with other viber groups, I shared it, reposting here too.

March 30, 2021

This is the comment I posted on Dr. Salvana’s FB account. Somehow I landed on his FB posts. He’s ignoring my comment, LOL 😅...this is very amusing to me. He's responding to the rest of the comments even the ones after me.

Hi Dr. Salvana, my name is Dr. Villa, I'm a practicing pulmonary Critical care/ Sleep medicine/ Internal medicine/ Functional Medicine provider here in Florida USA. I practice in this town called #TheVillages. It's the biggest retirement community in the US or I should say in the world. The entire town or metropolis is about 150K residents. Age 65 and above, the majority if not all with pre-existing comorbid conditions. They are very fortunate that they have excellent access to healthcare. I do see a lot of COVID cases. And I do treat them very aggressively in an outpatient basis.

Since late August/early September I've been using or prescribing IVERMECTIN in conjunction with Supplements protocol and surprisingly!!!, since then I've not had any significant morbidity or mortality from this disease. Well, except 1 who was a stage 4 lung cancer s/p chemoradiation therapy, he died. And I think he died from massive PE because he just suddenly collapsed. 

In Jan, 2021, I also started using MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY called Bamlanivimab by Elli Lily under EUA. The department of Health distribute it to us.

I also use it on an outpatient basis. I give the infusion in my office or clinic. 

With this combination of IVM and monoclonal, NOBODY gets severely ill, and NOBODY gets hospitalized. I also use systemic corticosteroids very aggressively both oral and IV in an OP basis. The diabetic hyperglycemic response is very easy to manage. I worry more if they became hypoglycemic for whatever reason.

I think the IVERMECTIN  is a very reasonable option for Filipinos considering the economic conditions of our kababayans.

From my standpoint, It is very effective, very SAFE!!! and at a very REASONABLE COST that most Filipinos can afford.

Even with the massive vaccination effort here in the US, I still prescribe it as prophylaxis. 

To me, vaccination is not the ultimate or is not the only answer to this pandemic. 

Not everybody can take the vaccine, not everybody can afford the vaccine. Not everybody has access to the vaccine.

And in the face of this rapid viral mutation. The vaccines will fall short in giving us the solution. 

It is already happening now!!!. For example Aztra Seneca is 100% ineffective to the African variant, 10-15%(???) less effective to the Brazilian variant. 🤷‍♀️

From my perspective, IVERMECTIN has better chances of combating this mutation. 

It's a very expensive proposition to keep on redesigning/reformulating the vaccine to overcome the mutation. Giving vaccine boosters that you would not be able to keep up with.

Only the well-to-do affluent countries, would be able to do this. We need to have good, acceptable, reasonable, accessible, available, and affordable therapeutics. I believe IVERMECTIN qualifies for this. 

Here in the US, we have coalitions of Doctors like FLCCC advocating the use of this agent for covid. Recommending it to become one of the first lines of therapy for COVID.

I was also very impressed with the BIRD meta-analysis done on most IVM trials from all over the world. They all line up. The positive result is very consistent.!

(I believe Bill Gates is doing or initiating a worldwide trial on this medication to be funded by him. 🤞🤞🤞. I hope it pushes through.)

We have several hospitals here that IVM has been included in the inpatient management both regular admit and in the ICU. Texas and Virginia are the 2 States for sure.

One of our pulmonologists here in Florida Dr. Rajter did the ICON study. The first study in the US was published in CHEST our official pulmonary journal in Oct. 2020. I had the privilege to communicate with him and he was very passionate and very excited to do further studies. This was presented in the US Senate.

The study was done in-hospital with 280 patients enrolled. The result of the study was very promising, mortality rate 38% on IVM vs 80% non-IVM (severely/critically ill patients).

The position of NIH is neutral they're not against it neither recommends it. But I have a feeling that it is going to be approved soon.

Currently, We are allowed to prescribe it as ” OFF LABEL USE”. It is also covered by prescription insurance here. 

Lastly, I am all for sensible mask use and physical distancing. I am very strict in my office. Mask is part of the outfit when you come to work and patients are not allowed to come in without one.

What do you think, what's your position on IVERMECTIN?

Yesterday, Ms. Ann Cuisia, describing herself as a "Concerned citizen, supporter of government in winning the battle against covid", shared her thoughts on lockdown and CDC PH, reposting this with her permission.

March 31, 2021

We are a volunteer group of concerned doctors and citizens of the Philippines and we want to help our government safely lift the lockdown so that more lives are saved and more livelihoods are restored. Our taxpayers money are dried up already, we cannot afford extending this lockdown anymore and spend on non-scientific protocols yielding very low to no result.

We have been doing daily research on what would be more efficient and effective in addressing the pandemic and new studies show that the best approach is to include prophylaxis and early treatment protocol. Our government has a 3 pronged approach: barriers, hospitalization, vaccination.  All we want is for our leaders to include cheap effective alternative to treating COVID-19 and be implemented down to the barangay level, available to all Filipinos.

We need to have a public discourse about the protocols imposed on our citizens because this concerns our body, our health and our rights. We appeal to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to allow “second opinion” from other doctors who are successful in treating thousands of patients. May they be allowed to present how they were able to treat and save significant number of patients.

Let us allow the public to question our protocols such as CT (cycle threshold) settings of our RT-PCR machine settings, yielding high false positives. Allow us to question DOH data reporting focused on cases and not number of hospitalized which determines whether our healthcare is overwhelmed or not. Allow us to have a choice regarding vaccination.

We all need to follow science as new studies come out every day. No one agency or individual can claim expertise to a pandemic we have not all experienced before. This is a continuous learning for everyone. And in this time of crisis, everyone needs to be humble and open.

Brave and intelligent ladies. There are more. s
Meanwhile this is the statement issued by Dr. Allan Landrito, March 26, 2021:

And this forum last Tuesday was cool and attracted many participants both in Zoom and facebook page of PCCI Muntinlupa.

I will discuss more about that event in my column in BusinessWorld next week.

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