Monday, March 01, 2021

Covid 25, WEF celebrated global lockdowns

The WEF clearly showed its authoritarian dreams when it tweeted and announced its celebration of global lockdowns.

World Economic Forum Says ‘Lockdowns Are Quietly Improving Cities Around The World’ 
MICHAEL GINSBERG   February 26, 2021

The World Economic Forum: ‘lockdowns are improving cities around the world’
James Macpherson   28 February 2021

The YT clip where WEF declared "Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world",
Feb 28, 2021

When WEF was slammed by many people in TW, they changed tune and posted,
"Lockdowns aren’t “quietly improving cities” around the world. But they are an important part of the public health response to COVID-19." 

Propaganda Crash: World Economic Forum Tweets "Lockdowns Improving Cities", Then Deletes Admitting It Was Wrong 
Tyler Durden   SATURDAY, FEB 27, 2021 - 18:16

Yesterday, I tweeted this:

The "Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world," later "Lockdowns are an important part of the public health response to COVID-19" still around? hahaha. Hundreds millions impoverished by lockdowns, WEF praises the measure. Tone deaf insensitive authoritarians

WEF. World economic fascism.

Meanwhile, I was the lone reactor in a forum last January with these speakers. I show only one slide reaction per speaker here.


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