Sunday, March 14, 2021

Tax Cut 33, WTA meeting and Asia tax competition

Last month, the World Taxpayers Association (WTA) held its first regional forum for the two continents this year. I was one of the brief speakers for country updates, I made this presentation.  

I was not able to show this data in my presentation, I didn't see the updated numbers for 2020 earlier. But it's a warning sign how the deficit and borrowings/financing for 2020 alone would require high taxes, fees, penalties, that will be invented by the PH government soon.

I add these figures, personal income tax rates, ASEAN 5. I did not include Singapore, it has a flat 17% for many years now. 

I thank John O'Connell, Chair and President, WTA, and Chief Executive, TaxPayers' Alliance (UK), and Ms Cristina Berechet, Secretary General of WTA, for the regular invite. John was elected WTA President during the WTA meeting in Sydney, Australia in July 2019. He succeeded Troy Lanigan as WTA President. Troy is also the President of Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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