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Climate 101, Degrowth and Darkness Economics, Fr. Villarin lecture

Truth is stranger than fiction -- that is proven once more by new irrationalities of climate alarmism. Take these three examples.

1. Degrowth Economics

Climate Change Modeling of “Degrowth” Scenarios – Reduction in GDP, Energy and Material Use

Degrowth: Universities Push Permanent Poverty as the Solution to Climate Change
by Eric Worrall    May 13, 2021

1.5 °C degrowth scenarios suggest the need for new mitigation pathways 
Lorenz T. Key├čer & Manfred Lenzen  Published: 11 May 2021

"Degrowth focuses on the global North and is defined as an equitable, democratic reduction in energy and material use while maintaining wellbeing. A decline in GDP is accepted as a likely outcome of this transition." 

"A ‘degrowth’ society could include:

* A shorter working week, resulting in reduced unemployment alongside increasing productivity and stable economic output. 

* Universal basic services independent of income, for necessities i.e. food, health care, transport.

* Limits on maximum income and wealth, enabling a universal basic income to be increased and reducing inequality, rather than increasing inequality as is the current global trend."

There, climate alarmism are more direct that they want deindustrialization, ecological socialism, forced equality, using climate as smoke screen. Less snow or more snow, less storms or more storms, less flood or more flood, less snakes and more snakes, they are all "proof" of climate crisis/emergency. 

So in 2020, the "degrowth" socialists were jumping with joy, see GDP contraction of G7 countries: US -3.5%, Japan -4.8%, Germany -4.9%, UK -9.9%, France -8.2%, Italy -8.9%, Canada -5.4%. Plus other rich countries Spain -11.0%, Russia -3.1%, S. Korea -1.0%. 
Numbers here,

Climate crisis meets virus crisis and they are very happy.

Climate crisis: No natural or nature-made CC, no cyclical warming-cooling, only "man-made" CC and "unprecedented warming". So more man-made "solutions" like more climate bureaucracies, climate junkets, climate loans, carbon tax,...

Virus crisis: No natural herd immunity, so only man-made "solutions" like vax-induced immunity, endless lockdowns.

2. Darkness Economics

Left-wing activists demand Democrats exclude nuclear and carbon capture from climate bill
by Abby Smith, Energy and Environment Reporter |   | May 12, 2021 09:00 AM

Left Wing Activists Demand Americans Freeze in the Dark… Because?
David Middleton   May 15, 2021

"Hundreds of environmental and grassroots groups, including national groups such as Friends of the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity, and the Indigenous Environmental Network, sent a letter to lawmakers Wednesday calling on them to pursue a national standard requiring 100% renewable power by 2030....

Nobody knows exactly how to get there yet because nobody is trying. We need to actually try, and how we try is by putting on very stern deadlines as close as possible to now.”

They want 100% RE in the US by 2030, especially wind solar. Note that as of 2019, wind solar was only 9.3% of total electricity generation in the US.

Meanwhile, Dr Ross McKitrick, a famous Prof. of Economics at University of Guelph, Canada, gave an online talk for the Irish Climate Science Forum and the international CLINTEL Foundation.

Presentation Ross McKitrick: is a worst case scenario really bad?
By Marcel Crok | 13 May 2021

"With uncertain climate effects, very costly abatement policies (applies both for Kyoto and Paris), overestimation of both the CO2 and temperature trends, low to zero estimates for the Social Cost of Carbon (if you use observational estimates for climate sensitivity and take into account the benefits of higher CO2 levels for agriculture), there is only one conclusion possible: “We are on pretty safe ground to prioritize economic growth over very ambitious climate policies”.

3. Fr. Jett Villarin lecture

Last May 1, Fr. Jett Villarin, former President of Ateneo de Manila University, a famous private university here in the Philippines, gave an online lecture last May 1. The man has impressive credentials, aside from being a priest and university administrator, he's a scientist, BS Physics, MS Physics, and PhD in Atmospheric Physics.

Moderator and the one who invited me is former Senator, former DILG Secretary Joey Lina. Joey is also my friend and former Rotary classmate.

Fr. Jett showed climate alarmists views. To briefly review his lecture, I show some of his slides on the left, and related data that he did not show because the latter would destroy the alarmist agenda.

Fr. Jett is an atmospheric physicist and I really wonder why he did not show it when discussing about climate. He's too focused on demonizing CO2. I saw a few foreign atmospheric physicists, astrophysicists lecture about climate and they really use topics in physics -- solar forcing, planet obliquity, eccentricity, solar cycle, milankovitch cycle, planet orbital cycle, etc. And how they can affect planet Earth's climate. Zero mentioned in his lecture.

He also parroted the usual fake news or lie that storms are getting stronger, or plentier. No, they are not, see data from Dr. Ryan Maue. 

And he showed fictional scenarios of more extreme weather, less water availability, more sea level rise, etc. from WWF. A physicist citing fiction drawings from a non-science NGO WWF? Wow. Anyway, Fr Jett ended his lecture similar to what Degrowth and Darkness Economics advocate above -- 100% RE for the Philippines by 2050, "decarbonize transport" meaning all electric cars jeeps buses, more bicycles and scooters.

Fr. Jett and many climate alarmists deny, they close their eyes, to PH energy realities that as of 2020, wind + solar + biomass combined contributed only 3.5% of total electricity generation, geothermal + hydro was 17.7%, or total RE share of 21.2% of total electricity generation and they want this to become 100% in the next 29 years? They are day-dreaming and hallucinating.

Climate alarm remains the religion or cult of irrationality in public policies.

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