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Covid 43, Cebu Gov. Garcia, mandatory vax, and new variants

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia is a very vocal and frank lady on the lockdown issue. Her province has suffered a lot, like many other provinces and cities, and she does not want to prolong the economic agony, so she started relaxing the rules, like no swab test required for Cebu-bound domestic plane passengers, relaxation of face masks, face shields.

Heavy bureaucracy IATF does not like this, so they started pressuring the Governor. The Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC PH) issued a statement the other day supporting Gov. Gwen.

This would have been good news:

Breaking News! Duque Allows Use of Ivermectin by Doctors 
Nicanor Perlas  June 22, 2021 

Doctors can now prescribe Ivermectin. Secretary of Health, Dr. Francisco Duque III, said he had “no problem with doctors who want to use Ivermectin”.[1] Sec. Duque made the statement at a 09 June 2021 public Congressional Hearing on Ivermectin (HR 1711).[2]

Then the DOH issued this statement:

President Duterte, the IATF and implementer NTF enjoyed the strict and draconian lockdowns they have been wielding for 15+ months now. Mandatory closure of schools and many businesses, mandatory swab tests for plane passengers, mandatory closure of provincial borders unless with govt permit. They are itching for mandatory vax.

The other day, a friend took video of PNP's SWAT and EOD in Taft-Edsa harassing, penalizing people who walk without faceshields. There is no law on mandatory faceshield, only verbal order by Duterte that faceshields be worn outside after he heard briefing from some alarmist doctors.

Double talk doctors know that there is zero clinical trial, zero medical study, zero meta analysis, that faceshields in public control infection, yet they push for it, and NTF-PNP implement it. The same doctors want more clinical trials despite the presence of many medical studies already about Ivermectin. See the 60 studies (as of this writing) that involve 18,930 patients and 549 doctors,

Now see this. President Duterte threatening people to be vaxxed or he will throw them to jails. There is zero law, not an RA or EO, not even DOH or DILG Admin or Dept Order (AO, DO) on mandatory vaccination. Now the opposition led by VP Leni Robredo is also pro-administration. The opposition should attack this arbitrary issuance of order but instead, the opposition is silent and instead singing "second the motion" on vax pushing.

The government wants little or zero choice. Whether people believe in vax or not, they must get the vax. 

Vax budget for 2021 is P82.5B in GAA 2021, plus P25 B under Bayanihan 3, total P107.5 B. Vax alone, excluding DOH budget, etc.

Office of Vice President (OVP) budget full year 2021 is only P0.9 B. Less than 1% of vax budget alone. That should infuriate the VP but no, instead singing along, "more vax vax vax please". wow.

A friend posted this in one of my Viber groups.

The vax narrative is that mass vaccination is the only way to achieve herd immunity, no natural immunity especially among the young and healthy. This is a dishonest story from many sectors and institutions.

Virus mutate into new variants 100%. Humans too mutate 100% to deal with changes in the natural environment. But many bright boys and girls believe only vax will do one-size-fits-all solution. Now they backpedal, like Israel. Back to quarantine, back to masks, and maybe soon back to lockdown.

Vaccinated Israelis may need to quarantine because of Delta variant 
Dan Williams  Wed, June 23, 2021, 5:54 PM

England Set to Drop Face Mask Rules After Huge Economic Impact Revealed
Social distancing measures costing some businesses over 40 per cent of their normal turnover.
Paul Joseph Watson  23 June, 2021

CORONAVIRUSWHO Official Says Mask Mandates & Social Distancing Should Continue Indefinitely 
Because there will always be new variants of COVID.
Paul Joseph Watson  23 June, 2021 

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