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Covid 41, Testimonies on Ivermectin use, support for Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia

A good international scientific forum about Ivermectin including Filipino doctor Jody Dalmacion here.
And below I am reposting two testimonies here on Ivermectin use. The authors gave permission to share their letters, also give their names. These were posted in the Flatten the Fear PH viber group.

May 30, 2021

(1) Hi, Dr. Agbayani. This is Annie Yglopaz, assoc prof of Spanish at CAL, UPD. May I share w you and your followers my own personal experience w Ivermectin use?

My 82yo Dad developed covid symps on Apr 11, 4 days after getting his AZ shot. I thought these were side effects of d vacc so I wasnt wearing a face mask whenever I came close to him- he was coughing, vomitting whitish phlegm, felt very weak. I texted his interventional cardio fr UP PGH Dr. Wilfred Dee (my Dad has DCM), and I was intructed to give him Azithromycin n to have him tested asap for covid. Only then did I realized that he could have gotten the virus at the vacc site. He tested positive for covid on Apr 15. My sister, who brought my Dad to the vacc site, tested positive, too. A friend gave me IVM capsules on Apr 14, and I took one. My Dad's bp dropped to 50/60 on Apr 16, my daughter and I brought him to the ER of EAMC, he was discharged the ff day. However, on Apr 21 his heart rhythm was irreg, bp dropping again n he had developed pneumonia on both lungs. He was admitted at a hospital, and I came with him. We stayed there for 3 nights. The hosp tested me for covid on Apr 22, I tested negative! What i did was to take IVM daily for 5 consecutive days, prior to our hosp confinement. I couldn't believe the negative test result despite my full exposure to my Dad.

I have been my Dad's caregiver since the onset of covid symptoms on Apr 11. I sleep in the same place where he stays as he has gotten very weak, and had to be placed on diapers. I got tested again on Apr 30, another negative result. My 3rd pcr test was just a few days ago on May 10, still I tested negative.

My Dad was reswabbed on Apr 30, and still tested positive. Despite the admin of IV meds like remdesivir, pip taz, etc..his prognosis was poor, it was leading to heart failure. On May 3 a GP visited my Dad at home to assess his med status- his covid pneumonia was back..he wasnt eating anymore, refused to take any more meds. At that point, when clearly we were on a death watch I thought about IVM. My sibs and I decided to give it a try as a last resort. We gave him 18mg for 5 consecutive days, nothing else except water, juice and soda that he would frequently ask for. Each day  was better than the previous one. To date, a week after ivm use my Dad is eating again, has agreed to take his heart meds, and on his way to recovery.

(2) Testimony by Ms. Janis Cenidoza, a nurse in Bacolod City (shared by Ted Locsin, May 30):

Good morning. I was tested positive last May 24. Day before my swab i had a fever of 38.7 hence the request for swab by our company physician.

I took ivermectin on day of fever onset.
I was admitted tue and tests were done.

An ER doctor asked me if i took any medication, i said only paracetamol. I asked if i can take ivermectin and he said no. I did not tell them i had my own meds in my bag. So i was admitted but i signed a waiver that i refused to take any medications from the hosp.

I would take the ivermectin with vits and doxycycline as per schedule guide given by sis @Krek without my nurse in charge knowledge.

On thurs, jun 27 i was allowed to  transfer to a facility since i only had mild symptoms and my room is needed by some other patients.

Today is my last dose of ivermectin and i am recovering fast.

I am proof that ivermectin really works.

Thank you so much.

Meanwhile, a letter of support for Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia as she implements less strict protocols for arriving passengers from abroad and the IATF is unhappy and pressuring her to follow their strict procedures:


June 14, 2021

Late this afternoon, 14 June 2021, the President of the Philippines demanded “Cebu must follow IATF protocols on arriving passengers”.[1]  In the past weeks, as detailed by this article, there has been tension between the IATF and the Province of Cebu regarding what safety procedures to follow in the case of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) arriving in the Philippines.

From all that we have published and written in this website for over a year, it is our conclusion that Governor Gwen Garcia in Cebu has a better understanding than the IATF regarding the nature of the COVID-19 challenge and what to do with it. From this it follows that Gov. Gwen Garcia has implemented and is implementing more meaningful procedures than the IATF to deal with the disease.

We have covered the Cebu experience in this website. We will not detail this experience here as all can access the necessary information at

What is important at this point is not the science that supports the COVID-19 response of Gov. Garcia. Rather, we are deeply concerned with the creeping totalitarianism that is in full display in this current case. As it stands, the government lockdowns are violating 38 provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.[2]

The suppression of Cebu’s policies by the national government is BLATANTLY ILLEGAL and should be condemned as such by the general public. If we let this pass without expressing our dissent, then this dictatorial style of governancewill invade every facet of our lives and freedoms.

Section 105 of the Local Government Code (LGC) clearly specifies that the Department of Health, under the directive of the President, can only demand compliance for a cumulative period of six months. We are way pass that prescriptive period of six months. We are now 14 months into various forms of lockdowns throughout the country. To continue dictating procedures on LGUs beyond 6 months would require the consent of the LGU concerned.

By the way, this section assumes that we have a real national health emergency. But we do not have health emergency. I have continuously point this out in this website.[3]

Gov. Garcia is fully aware of Section 105 of the LGC.[4] On the basis of this law, she crafted the province’s innovative COVID-19 response policy that the IATF is now questioning. Now, in cases of such a conflict, the law, Section 5 of the LGC, Rules of Interpretation, clearly supports the position of Gov. Garcia.

“(a) Any provision on a power of a local government unit shall be liberally interpreted in its favor, and in case of doubt, any question thereon shall be resolved in favor of devolution of powers and of the lower local government unit. Any fair and reasonable doubt as to the existence of the power shall be interpreted in favor of the local government unit concerned;” [Emphasis added.]

So we strongly demand that the national government respects the rule of law in this country. We cannot afford another authoritarian unscientific style of governance that has already effectively destroyed the middle class, wiped out millions of jobs, forced the economy into recession, worsened the plight of those already in poverty, punished millions of children and young Filipinos by closing schools, plunged thousands into depression, jacked up the suicide rate of this country to 26% in 2020, and is now killing and harming tens of thousands of Filipinos with dangerous experimental vaccines. 

Gising Na! National government, do not interfere with Governor Gwen Garcia. Allow her to manage her province the way she sees fit. After all, her style is consultative, scientific, compassionate, balanced, nuanced, effective and has already produced more health, economic, and social benefits than all the mostly failed IATF policies.

And for Governor Garcia herself, we encourage you to stick with these powerful inspiring words of yours:

‘Instead of going back to that repressive quarantine for our returning Filipinos and OFWs, in line with their whole-of-nation approach, I take a position as a governor of the Province of Cebu.[5] …. Don’t mess with us.  We can take care of ourselves. I will not and never again accept lockdown. I will fight for Cebu and the Cebuanos because Cebu is moving on and moving forward.”[6]

Giving this brazen and totally illegal attempt by national government to force Gov. Garcia into submission, we at Covid Call to Humanity encourage all our readers to express their support for Governor Gwen Garcia and her team. We urge you to share this statement of support with all your friends and networks as well as in all your social media accounts. Let millions know about this naked display of raw power and condemn it.

The fate of Governor Garcia is intimately tied with our fate. Her suppression will be our suppression. Her vindication will ultimately bring us closer to the day when this country’s senseless lockdowns will come to a grinding halt and our full freedoms will  be restored with great joy to all!

In behalf our Covid Website team,

Nicanor Perlas
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Covid Call to Humanity

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