Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goodbye 2022, hoping for a more free 2023

In a few hours, we will leave year 2022 and welcome the year 2023, nice.

Two years of lockdown 2020-2021, then remnants of restrictions and mandatory-mandatory this 2022 -- mandatory facemasks in MRT/LRT, airport, etc. Even mandatory vax card in some big hotels. 

Then mandatory big public spending, bigger public debt, to procure huge Covid vaccination and boosters by the DOH. So among my New Year wishes is that Acting DOH Secretary Vergeiri and her team of medical tyrants be replaced and their endless, no time table health emergency be discontinued.

Wala ng trangkaso/flu, lahat Covid na. Wala nang natural immunity, puro vax and booster immunity na. DOH WHO and their cabals hate cheap, old, proven off-patent treatment, they only want expensive, publicly-procured, emergency-use vax and medicines. 

We are still far from having fiscal discipline and public health honesty because the public health sector is part of the spend-spend-spend, tax-tax-tax, borrow-borrow-borrow mentality and policy.

We have experienced virus lockdown. Mandatory shutdown of many businesses, public transportation, forced stay home orders. Such degree of unfreedom and state coercion has no precedent.

Now that such lockdown has a precedent, we might experience soon climate lockdown, forcing ordinary people to limit their mobility and flying to "save the planet" while the architects of such lockdown are criss-crossing across countries and continents. One rule for ordinary mortals, another rule and exemption for such architects and authoritarians. 

Governments and multilaterals will not reform themselves, they can only deteriorate and become more dictatorial. The people themselves must assert their freedom -- freedom of mobility, to do business and trade, to travel and enjoy with family and friends, to have cheap and stable energy sources, etc.

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