Saturday, March 25, 2023

Covid 80, 3rd anniversary of lockdown

Belated post, but last March 16 was the 3rd anniversary of "two weeks to flatten the curve" in the Philippines and many countries. That day, all flights and boat trips, domestic and international were cancelled; all buses, jeeps, taxi, Grab etc were halted; all malls, many restos and shops were closed, etc. Even mobility of people on their cars were limited and restricted. Anyway, "only 2 weeks to stop the virus spread" of heavy draconian lockdown.

Two weeks passed, wrong mistake palpak. The bright infectious disease "experts" said "two more weeks" of lockdown,... Became two months, became two years. Now three years and several restrictions remain like mandatory facemask in many areas, inside planes, even requiring vaccination cards in some hotels and restos. Or requiring antigen test for all guests like what they do at the Senate and House of Reps.

The experts from WHO, DOH, FDA, PMA, PSMID, UPCM, OCTA, etc even added or didn't oppose the mandatory face shield in public. All bright moves and restrictions.

Three years now the same guys who invented the draconian lockdown dictatorship, mandatory vaccination, etc. are still in their places advising the new administration to continue the scaremongering as much as possible. 

We look back at how authoritarian and lockdown-loving dictators many physicians, other professionals and media can be. 

Some basic rights below -- human rights, inalienable rights not given or granted by government -- were trampled by governments and their bright "experts".

Some vax-related injuries.

Both materials prepared by the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC PH), Covid Call to Humanity (CCH), Juan Dakila (lawyers' group), and Legal Lightworkers for Life and Liberty (4L), and Post Pandemic Medical Help Advocates for Vaccine Injured (PPMH AFVI).

Moving on, we wait for another scary Frankenstein virus that will be announced so that another round of lockdown dictatorship will be imposed. That horrible prolonged lockdown has no precedent yet it happened. Now that it is a precedent already, we can expect the same or worse forms of lockdown dicatorship. Maybe new strains of Marburg virus, Ebola virus, others to scare the public again.

Meanwhile, a good article:

Bonfire of the Covid Vanities
By Gabrielle Bauer,  MARCH 15, 2023

...With three years of pandemic history behind us, it’s high time to put these clunkers to bed. I’ve collected a baker’s dozen of the slogans that have dogged us for the past three years, and explain why they deserve to be torched and thrown into an unmarked grave. 

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

Stay home, save lives.

Follow the science. 

We’re all in this together.

Muh freedumb. 

Mask it or casket.

The virus doesn’t discriminate. 

Can’t do X if you’re dead.

Listen to the experts. 

My mask protects you, your mask protects me. 

Pandemic of the unvaccinated. 

You may be done with Covid, but Covid isn’t done with you. 

Stay safe.

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