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Deindustrialization 11, Failing grid and Net zero

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A long value chain struggle: Moving hard tech jobs back to US and Europe won’t be easy or cheap
by Min Zhou  Jan 5, 2023

Dutch Power Grid Warns Of Shortages By End Of Decade
By Julianne Geiger - Jan 12, 2023

Power engineer explains why “renewables” won’t work
By David Wojick |January 19th, 2023

Coal power stations fired up and customers paid to cut energy use in UK cold snap
National Grid asks Drax and EDF to start warming three plants and says it will activate its live demand flexibility service on Monday evening
Miles Brignall  22 Jan 2023

UK steel industry a whisker away from collapse - Unite
By Marc Ashdown 22 January 2023

We all want to save the planet but the Government's barely debated and uncosted fantasy of achieving net zero by 2050 will leave us all poorer, colder and hungrier
By ROSS CLARK 21 January 2023

Evidence says offshore wind development is killing lots of whales
By David Wojick |January 23rd, 2023

When the New Right Meets the Old Left on ESG
Anti-market ideology is a growing presence among some conservatives.
By Rupert Darwall  January 23, 2023

‘You don’t have to sit in total darkness’, Britain told in net zero shift
Ditching fossil fuels will hinder electricity supply, just as demand leaps
By   Rachel Millard  24 January 2023

Ross Clark: The National Grid is falling apart thanks to Net Zero
By Paul Homewood  JANUARY 24, 2023

Are You Really Against Fossil Fuels? Read This Before You Answer
By Vijay Jayaraj  January 24, 2023

Have Fossil Fuels Progressed Humanity? (Part III)
By Julián Salazar Velásquez -- January 26, 2023

Achieving Zero Emissions with More Mobility and Less Mining (83 pages)
January 2023

Oil Market Report - January 2023

The Fatal Flaw Of The Renewable Revolution
By Gail Tverberg - Feb 10, 2023

Voters are ‘sick to death’ of net zero, says Lee Anderson
By Dominic Penna, 10 February 2023

The Cost of Virtue Signaling – the Impact of Doubling UK Wind Power
Bill Ponton  Feb 12, 2023 

The Climate Crusaders Are Coming for Electric Cars Too
A new report makes clear the ultimate goal: tiny, uncomfortable apartments and bicycles for all.
Allysia Finley Feb. 12, 2023

Opec chief tells climate negotiators to ‘look at the big picture’
Opec secretary-general Haitham Al Ghais says the oil industry has been “plagued by several years of chronic underinvestment”.
FEB 13, 2023

Europe's spend on energy crisis nears 800 billion euros
By Kate Abnett  February 13, 2023

Climate targets 'may mean higher taxes'
By Dharshini David February 13, 2023

National Grid spends £4bn to prevent blackouts after surge in wind and solar
Record balancing payments needed to match supply with demand
Rachel Millard 15 February 2023

Why the intermittency problem can’t be solved
Andrew Montford, Net Zero Watch, 15th February 2023

Governments Spent Record $1 Trillion Last Year Subsidizing Fossil Fuels
Governments subsidize fossil fuels, despite climate goals
Offical aid hit a record as energy prices soared last year
By Will Mathis. February 17, 2023

UK ‘risks losing billions’ in green energy investment
Mehreen Khan February 20 2023

Wall Street Clashes With Green Bankers Fed Up With Oil Agenda
Alastair Marsh, Bloomberg News, Feb 20, 2023

India invokes emergency law to force coal-based power plants to up output
By Sarita Chaganti Singh  February 21, 2023

BASF to Cut 2,600 Jobs as Energy Crisis Hits German Industry
Chemical company to reduce output at its main German base
Europe suffering from overregulation, CEO says; shares fall
By William Wilkes. February 24, 2023

Germany Faces $1 Trillion Challenge to Plug Massive Power Gap
About 250 gigawatts of new electricity capacity needed by 2030
Germany needs 43 soccer fields of solar power every day
Petra Sorge and Josefine Fokuhl. February 25, 2023

In India, ‘phase down’ of coal actually means rapid expansion of mining
A tripling of size is planned at the fastest-growing coal mine in India
By Karishma Mehrotra. February 26, 2023

S.O.S for the U.S. Electric Grid
PJM Interconnection sounds the latest alarm that fossil-fuel plants are shutting down without adequate replacement power. The political class yawns.
By The Editorial Board. Feb. 26, 2023

Households across Europe struggle to pay bills as cost of living crisis bites
By Euronews  •  Updated: 27/02/2023

The Energy Crisis: Causes and Solutions (34 pages)
Net Zero Watch, February 2023

Column: India cheers the return of 'King Coal' as industry sees buoyant future
By Clyde Russell March 1, 2023

Wall Street titans confront ESG backlash as new financial risk
US fund managers highlight disputes over sustainable investing in latest annual reports
Patrick Temple-West and Brooke Masters in New York March 1, 2023

Largest US Grid Supplier Warns of an Energy Shortage Due to Undeliverable Mandates
MISH MAR 1, 2023

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