Saturday, December 23, 2023

Migration 28, Big remittances in selected developing countries

Here are developing countries that are receiving at least $2 billion/month in remittances by their citizens working abroad, trend over the last 10 years. No data for China; Thailand and other countries have values in their national currencies, not in $ or €.

Only India, Mexico and Philippines have consistently rising remittances, the others have fluctuating values.

1. India, $17.15 billion in June 2023.

2. Mexico, $16.8 billion in Sept. 2023.

3. Pakistan, $6.3 billion in in Sept. 2023.

4. Nigeria, $4.9 billion in Dec. 2022.

5. Egypt, $4.6 billion in June 2023.

6. Philippines, $2.9 billion in Sept. 2023.

7. Indonesia, $2.7 billion in Sept. 2023.

Bangladesh, $1.97 billion in Oct. 2023.

The Philippines' $3 B/month average is much much bigger than yearly foreign aid (ie, new loans from multilaterals like WB, ADB, AIIB, IMF,...). The world needs more free mobility of people and goods but not elaborate freebies and subsidies that encourages illegal migration. Freedom to migrate but also freedom to starve if they cannot find work because other governments will not give them elaborate freebies.

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