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Global Cooling vs. Global Money and Power

It’s now one month since the “Earth Day”. April and May are normally the two hottest months of the year. But these two months saw the early onset of rains and typhoons. Last month, typhoon “Dante” killed about 24 people in Bicol. Early this month, typhoon “Emong” killed about 50 people in north Luzon, especially in western Pangasinan.

I got temperature data from the Philippine government’s weather bureau, PAGASA. The average maximum temperature in PAG-ASA’s Science Garden station for April from 1998 to 2008 was 34.8 Celsius. From 34.7 C in April 2007, it dropped to 34.5 C in April 2008 (cooling of 0.2 C) and probably to only 31 C in April 2009, or a cooling of around 3 Celsius!

One chart ( shows downward trend in global temperatures from 2002 to 2008, whereas carbon dioxide (CO2) emission kept on increasing. There are two important implications here. First, there is global cooling going on, not warming. And second, CO2 is innocent, it is not guilty, for all the charges of being the “main” contributor to so-called global warming.

Another chart from another source ( covering a 30 years period, 1979 to 2009, shows the same pattern – CO2 keeps on increasing while global temperatures fell starting 2003 until the present.

Unfortunately, the political clutter of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), now more conveniently termed as “climate change” since the AGW proponents silently recognize there is indeed cooling, continues. The cap and trade bill is hotly debated in the US Congress. Then there is the “World Business Summit on Climate Change” in Copenhagen this weekend, organize by the Copenhagen Climate Council. And early this week, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) released the first Negotiating Text of the Copenhagen talks this coming December. And on June 1, another round of UN-sponsored talks by environment and climate change ministers around the world will be held in Bonn, Germany.

There is big money involved in continuing the global warming hysteria. Consider for instance these figures on how much power and money is involved in carbon cap-and-trade business. One, estimated carbon cap-and-trade business that changed hands in 2007 was $63 billion, rose to $120 billion in 2008, EU and Japan alone. The US, Australia, Korea, China, etc. not included there yet. When these countries participate in such emission trading, watch the number to easily reach a trillion dollars per year. One estimate puts the value at $3 trillion by 2020, assuming that all big emitters, rich and poor countries alike, will sign the post-Kyoto Copenhagen climate

Two, US President Obama's planned carbon tax will be around $80 billion/year, federal government alone, and on top of existing environmental and petroleum taxes. Excluded there are carbon tax by some states like California. Three, Russia is reportedly planning to sit on $56 billion worth of carbon credits until after 2012 rather than sell them in the trading market created by the Kyoto global-warming treaty. Four, India, China and other developing countries are gearing up for the $300 billion climate change fund (about 1 percent of rich countries’ GDP). Five, even tiny Dubai is targeting to corner about $5 billion of carbon emission trading for the Middle East and north African markets.

In some of the recent public hearings in the US Congress on cap and trade bill, many of their guests were bankers – Goldman Sachs, Bank of America/ML, AIG, Morgan Stanley, etc. So some of the architects of the recent housing bubble will be coming in to develop a new carbon bubble in the future. And solar farms and wind farms are reaping huge benefits from government subsidies and carbon credits even if they produce very little electricity. In the US for instance, despite several billion $ of government support and subsidy to renewable energies like solar and wind since the 70s, such energy sources currently produce only about 0.6 percent of total US energy production.

Here at home, the local ethanol and biodiesel businesses will be making plenty of money as Filipino motorists will be required to buy ethanol 10 percent (E10) and gasoline 90 percent mixture starting next year I think. Also biodiesel 5 percent (B5). The conversion of some agricultural land in the country from food crops and animal feeds to ethanol and biodiesel production partly contributed for the recent food price spikes. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

The cap and trade for carbon is actually a parasitic scheme being imposed on everyone in this planet. The scheme would look like this.

After each government has determined their carbon emission cap or limit by 2020 to 2050, environmental bureaucrats in each country will come in. For instance, in the US they will say. "Delta Air, Continental, American and other airlines; AT&T, Verizon and other telecom companies, these are your respective carbon cap for the following years up to 2020. Hilton, Hyatt, Mandarin, Intercon and other big hotel chains; Walmart, Boeing, Amtrak, Greyhound, etc.; GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc., these are your respective carbon limits, etc. If you exceed your cap, you have to buy from other companies, here or abroad, or we will penalize you, at least expose and shame you."

Just imagine the army of new bureaucrats who will monitor each of the several million big and medium companies in America alone, who will get penalized, how to implement the penalty like naming and shaming those who exceed their carbon cap and yet did not buy from those with excess credits, etc.

Now, where will companies get the money to buy excess carbon credits from other companies? From their consumers and the public. For those who did not exceed their carbon cap, where will they get the money to buy expensive technologies to drastically cut their carbon emission? From their consumers and the public. Where will the government get money to hire those big army of new environmental bureaucrats? From the taxes of the public.

And the public end up paying more and more, prices of almost everything becoming more expensive, companies will be scrimping on other production costs like labor just to survive, unemployment will rise. Will this "save" the planet, the real goal? Not a bit.

It is important to dispel the global warming hysteria because it is no longer true. So much of our energy and resources are spent on preparing for global warming, on fighting a non-existent enemy, because of climate science becoming political science by the UN, national governments, certain business interests and international green NGOs intent on pushing ecological central planning.

Private institutes and think tanks that help dispel the warming hysteria need to be supported by the public. The Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change (CSCCC, and Heartland Institute ( are among the big coalitions and institutes that perform this job. Heartland for instance is sponsoring the “3rd International Conference on Climate Change” on June 2, 2009, at Washington DC.

If current cooling will worsen – and some physicists and geologists are projecting that the cooling will last for the next 30 years – then later we might be encouraged to produce more carbon emission, to produce more GHGs.

But this is not likely to happen. So many governments, NGOs, companies, even scientists, have already taken huge personal and political stake in global warming hysteria. There is big money and big power that will be removed from them if the world will realize that all those warming hysteria and political schemes are not true.

Last week, May 17, 2009, I wrote this:

Global Warming is Dead

Below is a news report, written not by a journalist, but by a physicist. The author most likely was there at the 2nd intl. conf on climate change in NYC that I also attended last March 8-10. The title of his paper is self-explanatory: “global cooling has arrived, global warming is dead.”

Last May 14, PAGASA officially announced what many Filipinos already saw: "rainy season is here". I thought that the rainy season started a month ago already. At least 2 typhoons hit the country in the "summer" month of April alone (local names "Crising" and "Dante").

If CO2 emission has nothing to do with climate change, and CO2 is not responsible for either global warming or global cooling, then why the hell are we all REQUIRED to buy ethanol 10% (E10) and gasoline 90% mixture starting next year I think? Also biodiesel 5% (B5) and regular diesel 95%?

Who made lots of money from such warming hysteria? And how many people got hungrier because of that stupid conversion of agri land to produce food, rechanneled to produce ethanol and biodiesel, resulting partly in high food prices starting last year?

The crime of global warming hysteria is slowly being unfolded. But many people, national politicians and the UN IPCC especially, have too much political and business interests to protect, so they continue lying and fooling the public.

Pouring cold water on global warming

Global cooling has arrived. Global warming is dead.

By Terri Jackson
Wednesday, 13 May 2009

There is now irrefutable scientific evidence that far from global warming the earth has now entered a period of global cooling which will last at least for the next two decades.

Evidence for this comes from the NASA Microwave Sounding Unit and the Hadley Climate Research Unit while evidence that CO2 levels are continuing to increase comes from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

Professor Don Easterbrook one of the principle speakers at the recent World Conference on climate change held in New York in March this year attended by 800 leading climatologists, has documented a consistent cycle of warm and cool periods each with a 27 year cycle. Indeed the warm period from 1976 to 1998 exactly fits the pattern of climate changes for the past several centuries long before there were any CO2 emissions. Greenland Ice core temperature measurements for the past 500 years show this 27 year cycle of alternating warm and cool periods. Recently the global temperature increased from 1918 to 1940, decreased from 1940 to 1976, increased again from 1976 to 1998 and has been decreasing ever since….

Nearly ten years into the 21 century it is clear that the UN IPCC computer models have gone badly astray. The IPCC models have predicted a one degree increase in global temperature by 2011 with further large temperature rises to 2100. Yet there has been no warming since 1998 with a one degree cooling this year being the largest global temperature change ever recorded. Nasa satellite imagery from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has confirmed that the Pacific Ocean has switched from the warm mode it has been in since 1977 to its cool mode, similar to that of the 1945-1977 global cooling period.

The evidence that the earth is in a cooling mode rather than a warming mode is there for all to see. the RSS(Remote Sensing System) in Santa Rosa California has recorded a temperature fall of two to three degrees in the Arctic since 2005, while US Army buoys show an increase in Arctic ice thickness to 3.5 metres. North America has had two of its worst winters for sixty years with the temperature in Yellowstone Park falling to a staggering minus 60 degrees....

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