Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another CC and AGW scare document

A Filipino friend from Canada sent me (through our UP Sapul yahoogroups) the "Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping for Southeast Asia" authored by Yusuf and Magno. It was published January 2009, by IDRC-CIDA. It is 32 pages long. There is repeated use of "climate change" but I did not notice their use of the term "global warming". In the context of continued reference to the IPCC Report and UNFCCC meetings, the authors are obviously referring to "climate change = global warming".

But "climate change = global cooling" too. And this obviously, is not being referred to by that report, as well as various IPCC and UN papers.

There is indeed great risk in global cooling. Last April alone, about 2 or 3 typhoons already hit the Philippines. The 4th typhoon "Dante" killed about 24 people in Bicol. This week in May, the 5th typhoon "Emong" killed at least 36 in northern Luzon.

We get 20 typhoons per year on average. But with 5 typhoons already in "summer" months, what does this mean -- we will get 25 or 30 typhoons this year? That indeed is very risky.

Last December to January, harsh cold front resulted in heavy losses to some vegetables in Benguet. Those veggies can withstand up to 12 Celsius perhaps, but not 10 or 8 Celsius, they die. The "cold front" in Luzon extended up to Holy Week (2nd week April). When it ended, inter-tropical convergence zones (ITCZ) and low pressure area (LPA) started developing by mid-April, to typhoons up to this week.

Cold front and typhoons in "summer" months, is that still global warming? That's heavy lie, "true lies" as in one movie title. There are huge political and economic interests to continue that lie.

For instance, in 2008 alone, some $120 billion of carbon cap and trade business in the EU and Japan alone changed hands. In the US, President Obama wants to impose $80 billion/year in carbon tax alone, on top of existing environmental taxes. Can Obama and US legislators extract that additional money from Americans' pockets if they are not continuously scared and fooled by global warming hysteria? No.

Look also at those international meetings to "fight global warming". In December 2007, they were in Bali, Indonesia. December 2008, they were in Poznan, Poland, there other country meetings, I guess. This year they were in Bonn, Germany, then in Washington DC, US. More international meetings, before the meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009. Those junkets and horse trading will not be justified if people will realize we have cooling, not warming.

Al Gore makes lots of money in speaking engagement fees alone. I heard he's charging $100,000 per speaking engagement. Whenever he's challenged to a debate -- by Christopher Moncton (former environment Sec. under PM Margaret Thatcher), by Dr. Willie Soon (Malaysian-American astrophysicist at Harvard-Smithsonian center), other "climate skeptic" scientists, Al Gore always chicken out. He never faced any debate, not one. Because he knows that his climate change science is actually political science.

Note also that the 3 known campaigners of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) are non-scientists. Al Gore is a politician (former US Vice President). Pachauri (IPCC Chairman) is an economist. Leoncardo diCaprio is an actor.

That partly explains for the lack of solid science in the AGW hysteria.

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