Thursday, February 22, 2018

ALF 11, More photos at Conference 2018

The second Keynote Address on day 1 was made by Dr. Chatib Basri, Former Minister of Finance of
Indonesia. He talked about "Policy Reforms in an Imperfect World: The Case of Indonesia". He was introduced by CIPS founder and Exec. Director, Rainer Heufers.

Participants of the Think Tank fundraising seminar, 2 days before the ALF proper. There were 20+ of them. Photos below taken on day 2.

Participants or finalists of the "Shark Tank" competition, Rofi from Suara Kebebasan, Indonesia; Dhana Fernando from Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka; and Sarwagya from India.

Participants explain what important project they will do before a panel of judges. Winner will get $10,000 for his institute to fund the project.
The panel of judges, from left: Terry Kebbie (US), Chatib Basri (Indonesia), Siggi Herzog (FNF, Gemany; but he's Bangkok-based); Linda Whetstone (UK), and Razeen Sally (Sri Lanka).

Various panel discussions. Here is the panel on "The Ease of Doing Business".

Panel on Property Rights, afternoon of day 2. "Technological Solutions for the Protection of Property Rights." Moderator  was Barun Mitra (Liberty Institute, India), on the right. Two speakers: Ambrish Mehta (Action Research in Community Health and Development, India), and Baladevan Rangaraju (India Institute, India), in the middle.

Panel on "Property Rights for Prosperity", Moderator was Ayesha Bilal (PRIME Institute, Pakistan). Two speakers: Lorenzo Montanari (Property Rights Aliance, United States) and Eamonn Butler (Adam Smith Institute, UK) in the middle.

Panel on "Intellectual Property Rights", Moderator was Cris Lingle (Universidad Francisco MarroquĂ­n, Guatemala) in the middle. Two Speakers, Ali Salman (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Malaysia) on the left, and Siegfried Herzog (FNF, Thailand) on the right.

Plenary discussion on "Let's talk business", experiences with revenue-generating tools and events by think tanks. Moderator was Rainer Heufers (CIPA, Indonesia) on the left. The five Speakers from left, after Rainer: Juergen Keitel (Air Asia, Malaysia), Gulmira Aidaralieva (Central Asian Free Market Institute, Kyrgyzstan), Robin Sitoula (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal), and Ayesha Bilal (PRIME Institute, Pakistan).

My bactchmates in ALF 2005, a day before the EFN Asia conference 2005, in Phuket, Thailand. From left: Ambrish Mehta, me, Trupti Mehta, and Shankaran Nambiar of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER). Another batchmate, Nguyen Cuong Minh from Vietnam also attended the ALF 2018 but he arrived on Day 2 only.

Gala dinner, a beautiful performance by a local group.

Key leaders of ALF 2018, from left: Rainer Heufers of CIPS; Linda Whetstone (Atlas Network, UK); KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, General Secretary of Nahdlatul Ulama Supreme Council, Saidah Sakwan, CIPS Chairperson; and Atlas CEO, Brad Lipps.

The CIPS team and their friends, volunteers.

The panel sponsors with the organizers, from left: Brad Lipps, from Acton Institute, Lorenzo Montanari (PRA, USA), Li Schooland, Ronald Meinardus (FNF, Germany), Daniel Green, and Rainer Heufers.

Good job Rainer and team, successful ALF conference, congratulations.
Thanks to EFN Asia for giving me the travel grant to participate in this conference.
(All photos above from Atlas Network's fb page except my photo with Ambrish, et al, thanks to CCS's Bhakti)

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