Friday, February 15, 2019

LGU bureaucratism, Guimaras restrictions on mango harvest and selling

An Iloilo-based American friend, Bruce Hall, posted this photo in my fb wall the other day with this note:

"Nonoy, as I departed Guimaras yesterday, I saw this sign at the ferry terminal, very prominently displayed. One cannot harvest one's own mangoes without government approval, even if they are damaged from a typhoon!

Even with government approval, you are forbidden to harvest your mangoes when you want and in the quantity you want. Do you think that you can see 600kgs of pickled mangos? Too bad, the government forbids you!

Were the mangos damaged in some way? Too bad you can only harvest damaged mangos if caused by a typhoon and only with government permission.

Do you think that mango taste better if harvested early? Or do you need money and so need to pick early? Too bad. The government forbids you!

So much for freedom. So much for owning and controlling your own destiny. The government forbids it!"

I thanked Bruce for this info. National government bureaucratism has permeated local governments. This is inviting extortion left and right. The barangay officials can now decide who can harvest, who cannot, from their own mango trees. Lousy. Big government pa more.

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