Saturday, February 29, 2020

Covid-19, Some reflections

Some random notes here about the ongoing Corona Virus Disease 2019 (CoVid-19), previously called novel CoVi (nCov).

1. Many governments around the world seem to be busy with various mundane concerns when deep health and econ troubles are staring at them frontally. See the DOH and even WHO, pushing drug price control of innovator drugs, penalizing creators of newly invented medicines when it's precisely those innovator drugs we need to address new diseases. They are busy regulating products blamed for non-infectious, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) when real dangers are infectious and communicable diseases like Covid. If we don't die of infectious diseases or accidents, then we should die of NCDs. It is crazy to say we should live forever.

2. I see people saying that Covid is bad for people but good for the environment, implying some gratefulness for this horrible infectious disease because fossil fuel use worldwide is declining. Garbage logic. 

See this for instance,

“fewer cars, motorcycles, and buses transporting students and employees would translate to lower fossil fuel consumption. This, in turn, could provide our environment with a much-needed and long-delayed breather from the carbon rampage of industrialization.”

3. Old illogic -- fossil fuels are bad, there should be more oil taxes, more infectious diseases like Covid, etc. Lousy. If people really believe that fossil fuels are bad, they simply stop using it, don't wait for Covid. No cars, no jeepney or buses, no airplanes, etc that use fossil fuels. Use skateboards, bicycles, good running shoes, use solar planes or giant kites. To demonize fossil fuels then use lots of fossil fuels is 100% double talk and hypocrisy.

4. Covid is bad but what's worse is the hysteria. See this article,

The most dangerous thing about coronavirus is the hysteria
It is the latest phenomenon to fulfil our weird and growing appetite for doom
Ross Clark     29 February 2020    9:00 AM

“There is something more to the Covid-19 panic. It is the latest phenomenon to fulfil a weird and growing appetite for doom among the populations of developed countries. We are living in the healthiest, most peaceful time in history, yet we cannot seem to accept it. We constantly have to invent bogeymen, from climate alarmism, nuclear war and financial collapse to deadly diseases. Covid-19 has achieved such traction because it has emerged at just the right time. At the end of January, Brexit had just been completed without incident. The standoff between the US and Iran — which preposterously led the ‘Doomsday Clock’ to be advanced closer to midnight than during the Cuban missile crisis — fizzled into nothing. The Australian bush fires, which caused an explosion in climate doom-mongering (even though the global incidence of wildfires has fallen over the past two decades) had largely gone out. What more was there to worry about?"

Finally, from my friend, Willis Eschenbach:

Last winter's flu season - 80,000 deaths
2009 H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic -12,469 deaths
Coronavirus - 1 death

Last winter's flu season - 646,000 deaths
2009 H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic - 575,400 deaths
Coronavirus - 2,462 deaths

Take a deep breath, wash your hands often, relax.

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