Friday, March 20, 2020

PH businesses become more statists or state worshippers

Today, almost all big business organizations, many professional organizations in the Philippines issued a collective statement that more government, more spending, more borrowings, more taxes are the solution to the economic dislocations when government itself issued lockdowns in Metro Manila, Luzon, and practically nationwide. After many of these businesses have shown they can dig deep in their pockets and forego many revenues while government has foregone not a single peso in tax cut.

Like climate alarmism of more government, more UN to "save the planet", this Wuhan virus alarmism has greatly succeeded what other statist measures have failed. And save the planet from whom, from Al Gore and UN? Save from what, from more rain and less rain, more flood and less flood? From more cold and less cold, more dogs and less dogs? From whatever weather and climate?

For now, I am thankful that UPSEAA is not among the signatories. Nag sacrifice na sila Robinson's 100M of rents not to be collected etc, Ayalas sacrificed 2.4B of same, SM 1B, Jollibee also about 1B, SMC, MPIC, etc. Si Gobment, ano sacrifice nya? What tax cut will it give? Nada, zero, zilch. Close roads and flights and stop businesses lang, bahala na employers and people how to take care of themselves. Shame.

All of those who dug deep in their pockets and donated to the various donation drives have also suffered big sales decline, even business losses, yet they bent further and gave away from their savings. Si Big Gobment, what sacrifices did it do aside from postponing tax collections by one month? Now Gobment will be rewarded with more taxes and borrowings and people should clap and cheer? Lousy.

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